President Obama Warns North Korea to Take Rhetoric Down

U.S. Responds to news of more missiles as North Korea raises tension across the world.
3:18 | 04/11/13

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Transcript for President Obama Warns North Korea to Take Rhetoric Down
The unpredictable nation appears ready for a show of force a missile test. And it's conscious just today we are learning more about the nuclear capability of North Korea. President Obama has issued -- first person warning. And ABC's Bob Woodruff is on the ground in Seoul South Koreans tell us what he sees there tonight -- Good evening -- more worse today from President Obama directed at North Korea's leader as their nuclear capability seems to be growing. In the showdown the stakes just keep getting higher. Tonight we believe that North Korea is readying more missiles a barrage of smaller ones. This is a new intelligence report assessed with moderate confidence the north currently has nuclear weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missiles. We've known for years North Korea has had nuclear weapons. Arming a missile with them would be a dangerous development -- the report states those weapons reliability. Would be low. General -- -- would you agree with that assessment by DIA. You know congressman with a number of -- you put on the front end of this I'm not -- I can't touch that. Today the president called on North Korea to ratchet down the rhetoric over a looming strike while saying the US stands by its allies the United States. Will take all necessary steps to protect its people there -- Meet. Our obligations under our alliances in the region. For some families in South Korea living in a nation dotted with the evacuation centers there is some caution. -- Jung Kim told -- she decided she would keep her son at home these next few days just to be safe. Good morning decided not to sentence can get pregnant and hear them stay with -- team plane. Here in South Korea surprising shifts today the new president indicated that she is now willing to talk to North Korea. A move Diane to ease some of the -- All right Bob Woodruff reporting in again tonight from South Korea and ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz is also standing by the night watching it off from Washington Martha. I want to go back to that big headline again about North Korea's nuclear capability tell us more about what it really means. Well they've had. Three nuclear weapons test. But what we're talking about tonight is the tricky part. It's miniature rising a nuclear weapon and putting it on a ballistic missile. This is the first time we've heard an official assessment from the Pentagon about this saying that it they had. Moderate confidence that North Korea. Could do this this is a big development now I should add Diane that no other intelligence agency in the US government has yet signed on to the DIA assessment. But still quite developed but I -- -- be absolutely clear there's no indication that these missiles we have been watching the once poised for the test. Our armed in any way with any kind of nuclear material. Absolutely. No indication of that right now Diane. But it is an indication that they built up missile defense is that they want to build that missile defenses in the US because of this assessment. But nothing indicating that they have a nuclear weapon on any of these missiles right now. OK -- thanks so much.

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{"id":18935844,"title":"President Obama Warns North Korea to Take Rhetoric Down","duration":"3:18","description":"U.S. Responds to news of more missiles as North Korea raises tension across the world.","url":"/WNT/video/president-obama-warns-north-korea-rhetoric-18935844","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}