Prince Charles tests positive for COVID-19

The 71-year-old future king of England is in a “high-risk” group, but he is displaying “mild symptoms” and self-isolating in his home in Scotland.
2:01 | 03/26/20

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Transcript for Prince Charles tests positive for COVID-19
Jon, thank you. Overseas, prince Charles testing positive for and the immediate concern is his time with the queen before his diagnosis. Here's Maggie Rulli. Reporter: This is prince Charles at a March 12th fundraiser, just hours after meeting with the queen. The next day, his doctors estimate, he likely became contagious with coronavirus. The 71-year-old future king of England is in a "High risk" group, palaces sources say. He's displaying "Mild symptoms" but "Is in good spirits" and self-isolating at his home in Scotland. Charles' wife Camilla tested negative for the virus. 93-year-old queen Elizabeth seen today holding her weekly audience with British prime minister Boris Johnson by phone is said to be, quote, "Following all the appropriate advice with regard to her welfare" and palace officials say she's in good health. The hardworking prince has been seen at multiple engagements. Here on March 11th where he was greeting guests with a namaste gesture but avoiding hand contact. With all of the uk now under stay-at-home orders, the toll elsewhere in Europe remains staggering. Today in Spain, 738 more people died. Over 3,400 deaths total, surpassing China and second only to Italy. And in Italy another 683 deaths in the last 24 hours. This priest giving a final blessing before 45 coffins today. But perhaps finally some real hope. The growth in overall cases around the country is slowing, now in single digits for the third day in a row, and the lowest rate yet. But a warning from the world health organization to countries thinking of lifting lockdowns prematurely. The last thing any country needs is to open schools and businesses, only to be forced to close them again because of a resurgence. Reporter: There's some good news for prince Charles. Doctors say it's unlikely his condition will escalate into anything for serious.

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{"duration":"2:01","description":"The 71-year-old future king of England is in a “high-risk” group, but he is displaying “mild symptoms” and self-isolating in his home in Scotland.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"69801346","title":"Prince Charles tests positive for COVID-19","url":"/WNT/video/prince-charles-tests-positive-covid-19-69801346"}