Princess Diana's Modern-Day Contribution to Her Sons

Diana was a hands-on, affectionate parent who took her sons to see and help the less fortunate.
1:55 | 07/22/13

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Transcript for Princess Diana's Modern-Day Contribution to Her Sons
And finally tonight as we look at princess diana with prince william we remember that in so many ways this new royal baby will have a life made possible by someone he will never know, someone who broke barriers and told the world what she hoped for all her children. Here's abc's nick watt. Reporter: This baby boy will of course never meet his grandma diana, but her voice, through william, will reach his ear. In a 1995 bbc interview, diana ruled some timeless advice she passed down to william. If you find someone you love in life, you must hang onto it and look after it and if you were lucky enough to find someone who loved you that must be protected. Reporter: This baby has a lot to protect her for. Diana single handedly rewrote the stuffy rule book on raising a royal baby. She very much wanted to take away from the sort of royal aspect of life and get us to see the royalness of real life and i can't thank her enough for that. Reporter: Diana exposed her kids to the good, the bad and the ugly as she explained in that bbc interview. I have taken the children to all sorts of areas where I'm not sure anyone of that age in this family has been before. They have a knowledge. Reporter: She was hands on, a mum first, a royal second. I get into bed with them at night, andrew morton quotes her in his book, hugs them and say who loves them most in the whole world and they always say mummy. But this baby's challenge might be dealing with the public pressure, dealing with the prying press who have been waiting for weeks for the most famous baby in the world. It was something diana could never figure out for herself. As a parent I want to protect children. Reporter: Nick watt, abc news, los angeles.

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{"id":19742187,"title":"Princess Diana's Modern-Day Contribution to Her Sons","duration":"1:55","description":"Diana was a hands-on, affectionate parent who took her sons to see and help the less fortunate.","url":"/WNT/video/princess-dianas-modern-day-contribution-sons-19742187","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}