Pro Football Cheerleaders Lawsuit

Group of NFL cheerleaders are suing their team for how they were treated on and off the field.
1:48 | 04/23/14

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Transcript for Pro Football Cheerleaders Lawsuit
gathering storm in the billion dollar world of professional football. And the team on offense turns out to be the cheerleaders. They have a big lawsuit describing working conditions so bad that football fans are stunned. ABC's Cecilia Vega. Reporter: The latest in the growing chorus of anger from the sidelines of the NFL. Buffalo bills cheerleaders, known as the Buffalo jills, accusing their team of demeaning treatment and unfair play. Our dream of being a Buffalo bills cheerleader was taken advantage of. Reporter: According to a suit they controlled everything right down to their finger nails. Even how much bread to eat at formal dinners and how to properly eat soup. Every week they say they had the jiggle test. Those who failed in some cases were penalized. Suspended or dismissed. Everything from standing in front of us with a clipboard and having us do a jiggle test to see how -- you know, what parts of our body were jiggling. Reporter: According to the lawsuit one of the jills said she was paid $105 for the entire season and the cheerleaders say they had to pay out of pocket for the $650 uniform. Neither the NFL nor the bill is commenting. Buffalo follows suits by cheerleaders from the Cincinnati bangles some of whom were claimed they were paid less than $5 an hour. The jills say they are less than minimum wage. The highest paid player on the team rake in an average of $16 million a season and they say that's nothing to cheer about. ABC news.

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{"id":23447005,"title":"Pro Football Cheerleaders Lawsuit","duration":"1:48","description":"Group of NFL cheerleaders are suing their team for how they were treated on and off the field.","url":"/WNT/video/pro-football-cheerleaders-lawsuit-23447005","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}