Still no proof from White House on Trump's wiretap claim

White House press secretary Sean Spicer seemed to double down on the unsubstantiated presidential assertions today in an off-camera briefing.
4:11 | 03/07/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Still no proof from White House on Trump's wiretap claim
We begin tonight would get explosive claim from president trump that President Obama wiretapped and before the election. Tonight more than 48 hours later still no evidence from the White House to support the president's claim but his tweets over the weekend stated it as fact. The president tweeting quote just found out that Obama had my wires tap it trump tower just before the victory. Tonight reaction from President Obama president Trump's own FBI director reportedly stunned pushing back. At this evening the former Director of National Intelligence right here was there all wiretap. We Ian would ABC's chief investigative correspondent. Ross. There is still no prove tonight not to back up president trumps Twitter claims that the FBI bug trump tower on orders of President Obama. Still the white house Press Secretary Sean Spicer today seemed to double down on the unfounded assertions in an off camera briefing there's no question that something. Happened the question is. Is it is its surveillance is it a wiretap or whatever. But the president's tweets on the private Palm Beach club he calls the winter White House where unequivocal stated as a fact not a question. Terrible just found out that Obama had by wires tapped in trump tower just before the victory nothing found this is McCarthyism. That was followed by three more presidential outburst taking on President Obama and misspelling tap. How low as President Obama gone to tapped my phones during the very sacred election process this is Nixon Watergate. Bad or sick guy. Today the US intelligence community did its own doubling down to refuse the president the senior FBI officials encouraging the former Director of National Intelligence to speak out. There was no wiretap against trump tower during the campaign. Conducted by any part of the national told news none at all not at all. And James clapper who served under President Obama. Says president trump could have found that out for himself with one phone call. I think the department justice probably could clear this up in a hearty. Instead the president seems to have relied on an article posted Friday by the right wing bright part web site. Detailing the allegations. Of a conspiracy theory loving radio talk show host mark Lyndon how many of Trump's people. Which eavesdropped on how many had their conversations intercepted. Recorded transcribed. Because this ladies and gentlemen is the big scandal. The White House will not say where the president got his information. And spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders tried to suddenly qualify with the president's stated as fact when pressed by Martha rat. The president of the United States is accusing the former president. Of wiretapping. Him I think that this is again something that if this happened. Martha if this had Lyn if yeah if. Carry it all comes with the White House engulfed by the growing controversy over his advisors contacts and Russia. Cameras captured by heated meeting Friday in the Oval Office. Animated chief strategist Steve Bennett the president's daughter of vodka insiders told ABC news trump went ballistic. As for president Barack Obama. He seemed unfazed by the trump Twitter attacks. Getting a round of applause as he and mrs. Obama arrived at the National Gallery of Art in Washington over the weekend. The spokesman says the allegations from president trump are completely false. So let's go live to Brian Ross at the Justice Department tonight and Brian more than 48 hours now would no proof from this White House. That's right they that a and that's a familiar story of Donald Trump he spent years feeling our right wing theory that Barack Obama was not an American citizen no proof. More recently claimed three million people voted illegally against him no proof and now this Twitter claim about the FBI and wiretapping once again David no proof. But Brian the White House was asked today after these tweaks on Saturday did the president simply reach out TD call the FBI director. We'll Press Secretary Sean Spicer says to the best of his knowledge he did not David Brian Ross leading the soft tonight from the Justice Department Brian thank you.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"White House press secretary Sean Spicer seemed to double down on the unsubstantiated presidential assertions today in an off-camera briefing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"45951829","title":"Still no proof from White House on Trump's wiretap claim","url":"/WNT/video/proof-white-house-trumps-wiretap-claim-45951829"}