Qatari Emir and Questions on Freed Taliban Members

ABC News' Brian Ross meets ruler of desert oasis.
2:05 | 06/09/14

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Transcript for Qatari Emir and Questions on Freed Taliban Members
Parents of the American POW -- burned all are expressing gratitude for the prayers and kindness from families across the country. While 7500. Miles away those five Taliban fighters freedom the swap are enjoying their new life -- -- But tonight questions are still raging over the deal and ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross is there and got her. Looking for answers. As the five Taliban leaders settled in here and it's the opulence of the country with the highest per capita income in the world. They supposedly will be monitored by a government with an already spotty record for dealing with terrorism. Even so the US says it will rely on the promises of -- 34 year old -- me. He -- would not talk about the deal he brokered with the Taliban. When approach today by ABC news at a conference where he was praised by a top US State Department official. The deal could not have been achieved in the county government and -- diplomatic good offices. Yet in the state department's own recent report on terrorism it is highly critical of -- cutter has monitored terrorist fund -- operating in their country. Who allegedly steer money to al-Qaeda groups. And others -- had their word that they would not support al-Qaeda or related groups. But they have financially supported al-Qaeda -- related groups and at least three countries. So now while Sargent Paul -- dollar recovers from his captivity in -- -- The five -- Taliban detainees will join a long list of US enemies who have been welcomed here with open arms. The Taliban has its own government provided -- here. No -- answered clearly went to the door to ask -- the men tend to do not that they are free. Hello. ABC -- -- cutter has asked the Taliban five to keep a low profile. As officials here tell ABC news they work with the US to a race for the release but even -- Taliban detainees still in American custody. Brian Ross ABC news' bill --

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{"id":24064871,"title":"Qatari Emir and Questions on Freed Taliban Members","duration":"2:05","description":"ABC News' Brian Ross meets ruler of desert oasis.","url":"/WNT/video/qatari-emir-questions-freed-taliban-members-24064871","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}