Queen Elizabeth appears before cameras amid Royal family crisis

The queen summoned Prince Charles, William and Harry for a family meeting Monday.
2:03 | 01/13/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Queen Elizabeth appears before cameras amid Royal family crisis
Now to the story making global headlines. The royal family in crisis. Queen Elizabeth calling a family meeting for tomorrow, summoning princes Charles, William and Harry. They will meet face-to-face for a summit over Harry and Meghan's stunning decision to step back from the royal duties. ABC's Julia Macfarlane in London tonight. Reporter: With the family feud playing out for the world to see, queen Elizabeth stepping before the cameras today ahead of crisis talks with prince Charles, prince William and prince Harry to decide the future role of the duke and duchess of Sussex. Palace sources say Meghan who returned to Canada to be with baby Archie is expected to join by phone. A British journalist close to the sussexes, itv's Tom Bradby, who interviewed the couple on their African tour in October -- Would it be fair to say not really okay? Has it really been a struggle? Yes. Reporter: -- Tonight telling itv Harry and Meghan felt they were being driven out of the family. Did you think at that point that two months down the line at the turn of the year Harry and Meghan will be announces that they pretty much want out? Yeah. Yeah, I did think that. Reporter: In that documentary, Harry revealing to Bradby how fractured his relationship with his brother William had become. We're brothers. We'll always be brothers. We're certainly on different paths at the moment. Reporter: "The Sunday times" claiming William spoke to a friend about how their relationship has crumbled saying, quote, I've put my arm around my brother all our lives, and I can't do that anymore. Tonight, queen Elizabeth once again walking the line between family and duty, helping her grandson and protecting the crown. It's really important to the royal family to keep the sussexes on site, because if the sussexes did go off completely on their own, separate themselves from the royal family, they could potentially be very openly critical of the institution, and that could be very damaging. Reporter: Today her grandson, Peter Phillips, telling reporters the 93-year-old monarch is all right despite the international scrutiny her family is facing yet again. Whatever role Harry Meghan have will have to pass

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{"duration":"2:03","description":"The queen summoned Prince Charles, William and Harry for a family meeting Monday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"68234444","title":"Queen Elizabeth appears before cameras amid Royal family crisis","url":"/WNT/video/queen-elizabeth-appears-cameras-amid-royal-family-crisis-68234444"}