New Questions About Behavior at Trump Events

Several incidents including a demonstrator getting sucker punched and a Time magazine photographer thrown to the ground by Secret Service have raised concerns.
3:13 | 03/10/16

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Transcript for New Questions About Behavior at Trump Events
Good evening it is great to have you with us here in a Thursday night and we begin with the race for the White House. And even before the Republican candidates face off on stage to growing scrutiny tonight. After the fight that played out off stage during a Donald Trump rally. From North Carolina the video from inside a relic showing a trump supporter taking aim at a protestor. Hitting him in the face while that protestor was already being escorted out. Tens of thousands have turned out for trump rallies across this country many gathering to see trump with great enthusiasm. But this new piece of video comes amid questions about some of the behavior inside those rallies. ABC's Tommy honestly this off from Miami with the video and what that trump supporter threatens he'll do next. The debate under way the candidates squaring off in Miami. Tonight this ugly moment at a Donald Trump of that tax. Multiple cameras at the North Carolina rally last night. During his sold as it happens. Officers been detained. The demonstrators lit collapsed to the ground. Police say the big. Elmo seven year old John McGraw he's now charged with assault and battery liberal leader boasting in cited the issue nobody's encounter with the protestor. The next time we seem we might have detailing the attack followed weeks of pro suggests to supporters. By. Like a punch him in the same subtype could you see somebody getting ready to its road tomato not stick graph that apple would do serious. Did not now I promise you I will pay for the legal fees that promise. I promise. Us and the Secret Service investigating this incident less than two weeks ago were one of their agents slam to the ground a photographer from time magazine. Clashed with the agent. And now trump also dealing with accusations that on Tuesday night his campaign manager or in the when doused he assaulted me she'll field a reporter with the conservative news sight bright Bart the incident captured in this audio recording. Yeah big yeah. Painted like putting. Including its. Lou and gusty declined to be interviewed for this story but on Twitter today calling field and attention seeker in an interview with ABC news. Fields should notice the bruise where she says Trump's campaign manager grabbed her. Honestly it it's been really hurtful because. Obviously no one wants to be touched and violated like that a Washington Post reporter Ben tears witnessed it. Writing he watched as Trump's campaign manager grabbed her arm. And yanked her out of the way the trump campaign telling ABC news the accusation. Is entirely false if you had a chance to talk to Donald Trump right now. What would you sit him assassins is put himself in my shoes and imagine if I was his daughter. And Tommy honest with us live from Miami tonight the big debate tonight in Tom is the trump campaign ready for questions this evening after that alarming video last night. Let's try we actually just got a statement from the trump campaign tonight they say we all BC discourage this kind of behavior. And take significant measures to ensure the safety. Of any. And all attendees David Tom Dallas leading us off tonight.

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{"id":37566325,"title":"New Questions About Behavior at Trump Events","duration":"3:13","description":"Several incidents including a demonstrator getting sucker punched and a Time magazine photographer thrown to the ground by Secret Service have raised concerns.","url":"/WNT/video/questions-behavior-trump-events-37566325","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}