Ralph Lauren US Olympic Uniforms All Made in America

Designer makes good on a promise to manufacture Olympic wear in the United States.
2:04 | 10/29/13

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Transcript for Ralph Lauren US Olympic Uniforms All Made in America
road to prooefrt collisions. You may remember an uproar from the last summer olympics when we revealed team usa would be wearing uniforms made in china. Today the famous designer made good on a promise. Uniforms for the next winter olympics in russia will be made in america. Reporter: They are the pride of america, team usa but so many americans were dis appointed to learn those uniforms at the opening ceremonies in london were made in china. We were the first to tell you. What caught our eye here at "world news" was the label. The us uniforms were made in china. How can it be. Reporter: From the berets to the shoes, all the of it was made outside the u.S. I think they should take all the uniforms and burn them. Reporter: Back then ralph lauren promising to do better at this year's winter olympics. Today they showed us the proof. Made in the usa. Reporter: Team usa's new uniforms entirely made in america down to every last thread, butten and zipper. The wool from this ran cher in oregon. We're honored to be part of the project. Reporter: The thread supplied by nazareth pennsylvania. Stonehenge fiber hill in michigan and stoll fashions in new york city. In all more than 40 american americans designing, sourcing and manufacturing the new look. More than 1 billion dollars and hundreds of jobs staying here, meaning this year team usa can stand tall entirely. Made in america! This is the jacket that the men and women will wear in the closing ceremonies. The wool was manufactured right here in new york. Ralph lauren is making it in 20 sizes. We're talking a lot of jobs and a lot of wool from america. This one is in your size. Coming up, pushed to the extreme, the surf riding a giant

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{"id":20721404,"title":"Ralph Lauren US Olympic Uniforms All Made in America","duration":"2:04","description":"Designer makes good on a promise to manufacture Olympic wear in the United States.","url":"/WNT/video/ralph-lauren-us-olympic-uniforms-made-america-20721404","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}