Get Ready for Obamacare

Three states unveil the specifics of their insurance plans.
1:29 | 07/17/13

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Transcript for Get Ready for Obamacare
them. Big news tonight about one of the most hotly debated words in american policy ever. We'rg obama care. Guess what? It is here, it is happening. Tonight three states have unveiled specifics of what they're now offering american families. Will it cost more or less? Let's go to abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl to tell us the reability of what we're learning tonight. Reporter: Allstate's are promising lower premiums. The white house is focusing on new york which unveiled the health exchange. This is where you can go to buy your insurance if you don't it from your employer. New york is claiming that banks, new competition, premiums for that nonemployer insurance will be down more than 50%. The key dates to watch here now ARE OCTOBER 1st. That's when every state is going to have to set up that kind of an exchange. The white house is hoping you will see savings like that. January 1st is when every american is going to have to have health insurance or pay a fine. And a rebate, money coming in? Rebates that 8.5 mil americans will be getting this summer, an average of $100 per family. What's going on here, diane, is the white house is going to make a big push to sell the health care law. They've got to get it right and getting it right may be the most important thing the president has to do in his second term. After all that debate it is here. Thank you, john.

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{"id":19694016,"title":"Get Ready for Obamacare","duration":"1:29","description":"Three states unveil the specifics of their insurance plans.","url":"/WNT/video/ready-obamacare-19694016","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}