No relief in sight as cities sizzle under dangerous heat wave

Firefighters in Pennsylvania advised parents to avoid hot playgrounds.
1:47 | 07/02/18

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Transcript for No relief in sight as cities sizzle under dangerous heat wave
We're tracking tonight the extreme heat wave gripping most of the country. Heat alerts for 60 mil Americans. Temperatures feeling like they're in the triple digits from North Carolina all the way to Maine. Least one death blamed one dangerous heat. Re's ABC's gio Bez. Repor tonight, that dangerous heat wave with no relief in sight. In Washington D.C. Today, felt like 108 degrees. Baltimore? 111. At L one death blamed already on the H mt. Sinai hospital in New York City preparing for more -related illness. What should people watch out for? So, I , you should watch T for symptoms O excessive sweeting, litheadedness, dizziness. Reporter: Firefighters in Pennsylvania warning parents to avoid hot playgrounds. We're at 0 degrees on the asphalt. Reporter: That extreme bucking highways from miota to Ohio. To open this bridge in Chicago, they had to cool down it down R steel beams expanded in the heat. And Tom, tot, as a precauti amtrak is slowing down the speed of its trains from north Carolin to Baltimore in CAS the heat damagesse tr. Tom? Gio, thank you. Let's get right to ABC chief meteorologist ginzee. She's along the George Washington bridge. An ginger, this heat is not letting up. Reporter:m, the sweltering heat goell the way to Burlington, Vermont, where they broke a Rd today at 97. Look at theseeat advisories, from Maine down to north Carolina. Thnumbers don't go anywhere the next cple of days. Thatindexes, 104, washin, 102, Little Rock. And Tuesday, the numberssoar. 102 in Memphis. Thislides east even more and that means New York City, for example, would base to a seven-dastretch of 90-plus, if we do that, it will be a one in 33-year event. Tom? We'll track that. Ginger, thank U.

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{"id":56327428,"title":"No relief in sight as cities sizzle under dangerous heat wave","duration":"1:47","description":"Firefighters in Pennsylvania advised parents to avoid hot playgrounds.","url":"/WNT/video/relief-sight-cities-sizzle-dangerous-heat-wave-56327428","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}