Remembering Mike Nichols

Entertainment icon and husband of ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer dies at age 83.
3:54 | 11/21/14

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Transcript for Remembering Mike Nichols
Tonight we celebrate a legend, director Mike Nichols who has died at the age of 82, a singular talent and human being. Beloved by Hollywood's brightest stars and his family here at ABC. You will remember his movies, they made us laugh, they made us cry. They made us country. Reporter: Mike Nichols had a mind that never stopped, always a this for what was next, taking on a new project with Meryl Streep, one of the many actors who always came back to work with Mike. You have shown us how a person can become essential. You're one of our era's essential artists, Mike. You're one of our essential people. Reporter: Mike was known in Hollywood and on Broadway for his many gifts, getting actors to break through boundaries. In his college years teaming up with Elaine may, Nichols and may as they were called. I feel awful. If I could believe that I would be the happiest. Who's afraid of Virginia woolf, starring Elizabeth Taylor. Burton once saying of Nichols I didn't think I could learn anything about comedy, but from him I learned. His next movie, the graduate, and it was Mike who chose an unknown Dustin Hoffman to play an all American boy coming of age. Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to Sa deuce me. The winner is Mike Nichols. Nichols would win the Oscar. It's a picture made by a group and we cared for what we were doing. So this award literally belongs to them at least as much as it does to me. I'm grateful to them and I'd also like to wish my mother a happy birthday. Reporter: He came to America at 7 years old, his family escaping nazi Germany. It's here he would explore so much of our American lives, championing the working class in working girl. I have a head for business and a bod for sin. Is there anything wrong with that? No. Reporter: There was the bird cage. You do fosse, fosse, fosse, fosse. Postcards from the edge. You're beautiful. Reporter: And closer. My favorite thing about Mike is that he is the most encouraging person that I have ever met. Everything about Mike makes everything about everything just better. Reporter: Nichols was part of a rare group, able to say they had won the Oscar, Tony, Emmy and grammy. On Broadway so many of his productions, spam a lot and two years ago a Tony for the revival of death of a salesman. Mike Nichols for death of a salesman. Sharing that moment with Diane before telling millions watching -- You see before you a happy man. Reporter: Happiest Mike often said when surrounded by his family, his children, daisy, max and jenny. His grandchildren and the woman he married in 1988. He said over and over I was luckier than I had any right to be. I found the love of my life, and we all knew here that he and Diane revelled in the joy of being grandparents. Love, family, food, movies, the night moon, the night stars. I'll see you on the set, on the beach, in the kitchen, and at the movies. And tomorrow night the lights on Broadway will go dark to honor the legendary director. Later here, what Diane once said about meeting the man who would become her best friend. I should let you all know that she spent this day surrounded by family.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"Entertainment icon and husband of ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer dies at age 83. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"27069036","title":"Remembering Mike Nichols","url":"/WNT/video/remembering-mike-nichols-27069036"}