Remembering Peter Jennings and his lasting legacy

For more than four decades, he guided the country through some of its most difficult times.
2:04 | 08/07/18

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Transcript for Remembering Peter Jennings and his lasting legacy
S: Whoa! Kids Vo: ??? Safelite repair, Safeliep Weeter Jennings. Alone way, we H checked in with viewers moby whapeed right he. Now, from ourabc study in New York, Peter jennin. Reporter: More than four decades, ias Peter that helped guide us THR the most diffict of mes. I checked in my en it -- who are stressed, as I think youngeo across the United States and, so, if you are a parent, you got kid in some otht country, call tm up. Reporter: But Peter helped under thrcumstance M the moreoyful mome Happy new year to you. Reporr: Ask 13ears since his passing, so many of you still rememis final broadcast and its impact er led he had lung cancer. I'veeremindin my colleaguoday ttlmost 1 million Americans are already ncer, and H lot to learn fromth. Reporter: Tot, American lung association telling that peoplell moved by Peter's words.ung Cance itically low because of the still th ter helpedhange that. Heeaves behind a tremendous legacy and part O this will be his honestppo Sha his D know sis. We remembered hng from Ellen of Indiana three yearsgon Weis Y. She quit like so many othersbecause of Peter. The dayhat he passed away was like losing a veood friend could late, because I had been ski since was a G teenage . E grandmotr, that da day I went to the drugstore and a nicotine patch. Poinon.ter: Inst picng up her grandchildren. Peter Jennings words and his impact to thisday, all these ars later. R thanks toellen, J one part of Peter's storied legacy. I'm Muir. Hope to see you tomorrow. Night. ????????????

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{"id":57094387,"title":"Remembering Peter Jennings and his lasting legacy ","duration":"2:04","description":"For more than four decades, he guided the country through some of its most difficult times.","url":"/WNT/video/remembering-peter-jennings-lasting-legacy-57094387","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}