Republicans storm secure hearing room

House Republicans delayed a witness deposition in the ongoing impeachment inquiry, storming the secure hearing room and raising security concerns.
3:41 | 10/24/19

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Transcript for Republicans storm secure hearing room
drama playing out on the hill. The confrontation came just one day after what may have been the most damaging testimony yet against president trump. Tonight, even a leading Republican senator now saying the picture coming out is not a good one. And just today, the Pentagon official overseeing Ukraine policy, Laura cooper there, arriving to testify. But was stopped before she could even start when several house Republicans showed up, stormed the room and made their demands. ABC's Mary Bruce with the images tonight. Another day of drama on the hill. Reporter: One day after the most explosive testimony yet, house Republicans tried to grind the impeachment inquiry to a halt. We're going to go and see if we can get inside. Reporter: The president's allies on the hill forcing their way into the secure room in the basement of the capitol where lawmakers of both parties were trying to question a top Pentagon official for Ukraine and Russia. By golly, if they're going to do it, do it in public. Don't hide it from the American people. Reporter: President trump has been urging Republicans to get many of the members protesting today met with him last night. Today's hearing delayed nearly five hours. This is an effort to please the president, to try to shut down the process. It's a stunt. Reporter: It comes 24 hours after the top U.S. Diplomat in Ukraine, bill Taylor, delivered stunning testimony. Taylor outlining what the president and his allies have been denying, a quid pro quo campaign. Describing in detail how trump himself withheld nearly $400 million in foreign aid to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rivals, including Joe Biden and his son, hunter. Taylor testified that withholding that aid put lives at risk, describing how on on one trip to the Ukrainian border, quote, I could see the armed and hostile russian-led forces. He says he knew "More Ukrainians would undoubtedly die without the U.S. Assistance." Bill Taylor made a devastating opening statement yesterday. They're freaked out. They're trying to stop this investigation. Reporter: Even some in the president's own party agree the testimony was potentially damaging. The number two Republican in the senate, John Thune, saying, "The picture coming out based on the reporting we've seen is not a good one." But the president today attacked Taylor on Twitter, calling him a "Never Trumper," adding, "It would be really great if people within the trump administration could stop hiring never trumpers." Taylor is a career diplomat, who served as George W. Bush's ambassador to Ukraine. He returned there in may at the personal request of the president's own secretary of state, Mike Pompeo. The president is calling bill Taylor a never Trumper. Do you have any reason to believe he has political motivations or to question his credibility? No. I don't know anything about bill Taylor that I can say negative. Reporter: Senator Lindsey graham, trump's top ally on the hill, says the white house needs a better strategy to push back on this impeachment. All right, so, let's get to Mary Bruce, with us live on the hill again tonight. And Mary, the white house attacking the diplomat who testified in the last 24 hours, bill Taylor, after that damaging testimony. The white house saying the diplomats who have testified in the impeachment inquiry are radical, unelected bureaucrats is what they said. But this diplomat, bill Taylor, was brought on by president trump's own secretary of state and has served both Republican and democratic presidents? Reporter: David, Taylor has served in administrations of both parties since 1985. He was George W. Bush's ambassador to the Ukraine and president trump's own secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, asked Taylor to return to Ukraine. Now, tonight, we've asked the state department if secretary Pompeo agrees with the president's attacks on Taylor, but David, they have not responded. All right, no comment on that front. Mary, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"House Republicans delayed a witness deposition in the ongoing impeachment inquiry, storming the secure hearing room and raising security concerns.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"66485586","title":"Republicans storm secure hearing room","url":"/WNT/video/republicans-storm-secure-hearing-room-66485586"}