Rising Waters

Mud and heavy rains in the Northwest cut off interstate.
2:58 | 12/02/12

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Transcript for Rising Waters
Much of the northwest is getting battered this sunday with three fierce storms in a row with another on the way tonight. Trees crashing on cars in san francisco, and blowing over a rig on a bridge. Cecilia vega reports live tonight. Reporter: Good evening. This is a storm that slammed the west coast from washington down to the san francisco bay. Just take a look at this. The beautiful napa valley tonight has vineyards under water. It was a one, two, three punch. Three storms in less than one week plowing down on the west coast, the latest today dropping up to an inch of rain an hour in spots, with 45-mile-an-hour wind gusts. Homes flooded, roofs smashed and cars under water. And rigs toppled on drinks. And temporarily closing this brigs a crucial artery across the san francisco bay. Be prepared. Reporter: Across northern california, swollen rivers threaten to flood cities like napa where sandbags are passed out and countless trees are crashing down. We saw this one fall before our eyes. How close did it come to you? Within feet of my truck. Reporter: We were driving down this highway in napa and this tree came crashing down in front of us. I want to show you how huge this tree is. A giant tree. I mean, the roots of this thing are four feet tall. Now, there may be another storm late next week after so much headache already. Even santa in one city was forced to take refuge. One bright spot we saw in a gloomy day here in napa. When the tree fell down, the drivers kept pulling to help clear it from the rdway. And one man is headed out to buy a lotto ticket. Thank you. And cecilia called the newsroom when that tree fell. Right in front of the car today. Glad she is okay too. Ginger zee on the set tonight. These totals are staggering. They are. We expected a five day total from 15 to 20 inches, and it did. Look at this. Petrolia, california, 17.5 inches. Other spots in northern va california, 14. O'brien, oregon, just over a foot. It's not done because of the flooding. Because the rain stopped, you can have rivers swell. Flood watching through tomorrow and you the next storm, still another inch or two, not something they need. Bad timing, the fourth storm. Another major headline tonight, the record warmth. Houston and dallas, record highs today, and again tomorrow. Atlanta and memphis a touch of a record high. One degree short of it. The warmth sticks around for the start of the week. Ginger zee, thank you. We are going to turn now to

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{"id":17863637,"title":"Rising Waters","duration":"2:58","description":"Mud and heavy rains in the Northwest cut off interstate.","url":"/WNT/video/rising-waters-17863637","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}