Robin Roberts' First Week Back a Huge Success

"GMA" anchor is honored as the person of the week.
4:22 | 02/22/13

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Transcript for Robin Roberts' First Week Back a Huge Success
And finally, our person of the week tonight is our amazing robin roberts. As you all know, she's back after her long recovery from a bone maro transplant and tonight on "20/20," you will see the whole inspiring story. But here next is some of the conversation we had together, to talk about the meani of her journey. Talking the way we used to on gma, gathering our thoughts, our facts and trying to tame our clothes. Thelma & louise ride again! For seven years, we were next to each other facing every morning, the good days, the tough days, and then good days again. When you wake up in the morning, what's different now? I feel pretty much like myself. I mean, for many, many days and months, it was just a fogginess. I was there. I was saying all the right things. I was faking the funk for a long time. I knew you were. I've talked to a lot of people who have gone through this. We just want to comfort those people who want to comfort . Comfort through the hard reality that comes with the miracle of a bone marrow transplant. But even if you believe in miracles, sometimes it takes all the strength you've got. It was about a week or so after my transplant. And if you look down my throat, they said it looked like i swallowed a blowtorch. I couldn't eat or drink. I remember one particular evening, not feeling well at all, and just slipping away. For lack of a better phrase. It was that give-up type stage. And I was in this coma-like state. And then all of a sudden, as clear as all get out, I heard my name -- robin! Robin! And at first, I was like, is that my name? I thought I was somewhere different. I just remember opening my eyes and my sweet nurse jenni, always had a mask on. So I could just see her eyes. Her eyes were this large. She's looking at me. I wanted to go, what? What? Did you think in that ment that you had a choice, if she hadn't been there? I was thinking about my mom allot. Truth be known, in fact, i thought it was my mom calling my name. And in a way, I think it was my mom's voice. Not for me to come to where she is now, but for me to stay where I am. And I don't know, had jenni not been there. I was in that kind of just -- but boy, she was. That's all I look at it as. She was there and it was shortly thereafter, but I turned the corner. Returning with a new message for everyone who's struggled. Faith, family, friends, and the power you have within. I have always said -- and i will say this to people who when they're facing a tough challenge, being optimistic is like a muscle that gets stronger with use. What do you see when you look in your eyes, your own eyes now in the morning? You know what, I see a strong woman. I know people have said that about me, but we all know our own insecurities and we all know how we really feel about ourselves. I feel strength like I have never felt before. I do. I do. And there's something freeing, there's something liberating about not being afraid. Being afraid but still doing it. Because if we wait until there's no fear, we're going to be waiting a long time on the sidelines. If this has taught me anything, it's that I don't care who you are, where you are, what your circumstances, there's a finite amount of time that we all have to do whatever it is that we're meant to do. And nowhere is it written that should not be happy.

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{"id":18571510,"title":"Robin Roberts' First Week Back a Huge Success","duration":"4:22","description":"\"GMA\" anchor is honored as the person of the week.","url":"/WNT/video/robin-roberts-week-back-huge-success-18571510","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}