A-Rod Reportedly to Be Suspended Through the 2014 Season

Rodriguez said to be suspended for violating drug policies and misconduct under MLB's labor deal.
2:14 | 08/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A-Rod Reportedly to Be Suspended Through the 2014 Season
Now, to those looming suspensions in major league baseball, especially for the highest paid player ever, alex rodriguez. Tomorrow, he is expected to find out whether he'll play again or be benched for a very long time. Abc's paula faris has more. This is not time for me to hang it up. Reporter: Alex rodriguez may have no choice. According to espn's "outside the lines," he'll be suspended through the 2014 season for not only violating the league's drug policy, but for misconduct under major league baseball's labor deal. These are records, these are documents. This is not your grandmother or grandfather's drug test anymore. This is as if you were trying to get evidence in a criminal trial. Major league baseball has the goods and a-rod is in big trouble. Reporter: If rodriguez does accept his reported 214-game ban, that means the three-time mvp and youngest to hit 600 home runs -- there it is! Number 600! Reporter: -- Will be almost 40 when he returns to the game. And trying to come back from multiple hip surgeries. For a guy that is 38 years old, not to play for two years, regardless of the contract with the yankees, that, to me, is like a lifetime ban. He's not going to be the player he is. Reporter: A-rod's contract with the yankees extends through 2017. And perhaps no one benefits from his suspension more than the yankees. They still owe him over $100 million, and as long as he sits, he doesn't get paid. Happy ending? Um -- is, I think, get back on the field. Help my team win a championship. Reporter: He probably won't get his wish. Once mentioned with the greats -- it is high, it is far -- it is gone! It is the 400th of his fabulous career. Alexander the great. Reporter: He could go down as alexander the great disappointment. A yankees official told me they believe rodriguez will appeal any suspension involving violation of the league's drug policy. This official also says rodriguez should be on his way to chicago tonight to join the yankees for their series against the white sox. Byron, the team has gone so far as to tentatively pencil him into the starting lineup for tomorrow night. Wow, okay. We'll see what happens. Paula, thank you so much.

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{"id":19868138,"title":"A-Rod Reportedly to Be Suspended Through the 2014 Season","duration":"2:14","description":"Rodriguez said to be suspended for violating drug policies and misconduct under MLB's labor deal.","url":"/WNT/video/rod-reportedly-suspended-2014-season-19868138","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}