Rosetta Spacecraft Ends 12-Year Mission

ABC News' David Muir reports the stories people are buzzing about.
1:08 | 09/30/16

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Transcript for Rosetta Spacecraft Ends 12-Year Mission
To be a knicks tonight to church arson suspect arrested in Fort Pierce Florida police say surveillance video clearly shows importing gasoline. On the front door then setting it on fire investigators noticing he was wearing slippers at the time suggesting he lived nearby they found him wearing the same clothes or resting him. There's no word on the motive tonight. There is a new earthquake advisory issued in the west tonight size moll is warning there's a slight risk of a powerful quake hitting along the San Andreas Fault. In Southern California this weekend. Now the warning comes because they have recorded more than 200 small earthquakes deep underground near the fault this week. A crash landing in space the reserve a space probe setting down under the surface of a comic ending its twelve year mission chase in the coming billions of miles from the sun. The European Space Agency releasing the final image moments before impact they also treated cartoon of the probe asleep on the comet with the words. They should complete suite dreams and say goodbye to a New York City institution the famous Carnegie deli will closed for good at December 31 the owner. Saying the grueling hours have finally taken their whole deli opened in 1937. It's best known for its mountainsides pastrami sandwich is they are amazing. And the possible since.

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{"duration":"1:08","description":"ABC News' David Muir reports the stories people are buzzing about. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"42487495","title":"Rosetta Spacecraft Ends 12-Year Mission","url":"/WNT/video/rosetta-spacecraft-ends-12-year-mission-42487495"}