Royal Baby Watch Continues Down Traditional Path

Parents-to-be will carry out traditional birth announcement passed by from generations.
1:20 | 07/14/13

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Transcript for Royal Baby Watch Continues Down Traditional Path
The royal baby watch is in full force, but dad was some place else. Prince william playing polo along with his brother, prince harry. They do have a royal chopper that's ready the moment prince william gets the call. Reporter: This modern couple will be following so many traditions passed down through generations of royals. Including the announcement when baby cambridge has been delivered. As soon as kate has given birth, the palace will issue a formal statement. A royal aide carrying the medical document will rush down these steps, escorted by police and driven to buckingham palace. Just as they did when william was born, with an air of historical theatre, a liveried footman accompanied by the queen's secretary will place the details written on buckingham palace note paper announcing the gender and time of birth. That's when the world finds out. The palace might also release other details. When william was born, they described him as having blue eyes and crying lustily. Wee william was unveiled to the world 31 years ago. Right here on these steps outside of st. Mary's ital where he is expected to stand right here with his baby any day now.

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{"id":19665131,"title":"Royal Baby Watch Continues Down Traditional Path","duration":"1:20","description":"Parents-to-be will carry out traditional birth announcement passed by from generations.","url":"/WNT/video/royal-baby-watch-continues-traditional-path-19665131","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}