Royal Phone Prank: Off the Air

Australian DJs behind royal prank now in counseling as global outrage grows.
3:00 | 12/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Royal Phone Prank: Off the Air
We turn to overseas and the backlash of the royal frank. The phone call made by australian deejays and the nurse who fell for the prank and later took her life. Cecilia vega reports. Reporter: They are yanked the deejays off the air indefinitely and today, they are in hiding. It was a bad joke that turn a tragic turn and now the two die jays at the center of that infamous phone call -- hello, can I speak to kate please, my granddaughter. Reporter: May have to face the police. Did they break the law by recording the private conversation when they got through to the hospital room? I wanted to see how her little tummy bug is going. She is sleeping at the moment. Reporter: The station boss has come to their defense. We are confident we haven't done anything illegal. Reporter: Since the nurse was found dead friday in an apparent suicide, the backlash goes on. Threats and calls for their arrest and pushed mel greig and michael christian into hiding. Their twitter and facebook pages dark. The pair is in such fragile emotional state, they are seeing counselors. Here in the streets of sydney -- it didn't sound like her. It wasn't an accent. She didn't sound like the queen? No. Reporter: There is still support for the duo. We are praying for each other. Reporter: So many others have been caught in shock jock franks and embarrassed. Without the sad ending. This is nicolas sarkozy speaking. So good to hear you. Reporter: Then vice presidenal candidate sarah palin punked when they pretended to be the president of france. You have been pranked. We have been pranked. Reporter: In london, prince william spoke of the news over the weekend. Not making reference to the death of jacintha but making a joke at a charity about how morning sickness should be called all day and all night sickness. We have heard from the nurse's daughter who says she misses and loves her mother. The bosses from the station held an emergency meeting overnight and tell us the deejays could make a first public statement this week.

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{"id":17920516,"title":"Royal Phone Prank: Off the Air","duration":"3:00","description":"Australian DJs behind royal prank now in counseling as global outrage grows.","url":"/WNT/video/royal-phone-prank-off-air-17920516","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}