RV Campers on Road for Comeback

Family vacations could include mega campers made in America.
3:16 | 06/03/13

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Transcript for RV Campers on Road for Comeback
Our means those mega campers took a hit during the recession. But now a lot of your neighbors are ready to see the country again it -- made in America time here and David -- got behind the wheel Davis -- -- get a driver's head for the -- time and we all survived this one. And you the American RV companies they've survived this economy to tonight right here world news. In a Winnebago. -- part of this great American landscape often driving way to cross of gold into a pretty -- crimes and made ourselves company. All American RV and other families with a welcoming way you'll find the other campers mighty friendly. And just when you thought this pastime was past its prime the great American comeback tonight 42 days. And we're gonna drive this looks -- We boarded plant new Winnebago he did -- -- Everybody really. About to hop on the desert highway headed to Las Vegas hello I'm. -- Cleveland -- my first time. Cameras rolling -- -- well enough. It about -- approaching overpasses. -- -- assists fifteen feet from. Drive carefully comebacks here. -- they just put that up and down the Vegas strip and wedding chapel on the right -- -- casinos that are left. Americans across this country taking a gamble on something yeah. Again. Sales of -- not only way up with the backlog of orders nearly triple what they were just last year when you're riding around America. We went to find out where forest city Iowa population 4000 -- American workers. Back on the job tonight Stephen Thomas rehired. And reassure nobody around here is worried about getting laid off and that's a really really good feeling -- no worries. Because for all over this country tonight proof the -- V is back -- world news viewers -- mark that I don't back up back up back. And there's the state family sending this in from. Taxes. On board elected him. Friday. The whites from Pennsylvania. Far from home at this -- -- hearing. The disturbance six. Greeks and their RV their boys taken a splash. And there's one more major turn we discovered supporters visiting America wanted to see it from an RV. The -- -- went to one in California 60% of their profits from visitors all over the world and it's to in eight. The yelled leads from Australia the fridge. And unlike the rest of us back -- that idle plant tonight. They don't mind having to sit through other people's vacation photos because all of these workers. Part of that trip to. We take pride in it. Make America. -- America. Okay. Great group of people made in America right there and Iowa and the number we love for every one of those Winnebago -- It takes on -- -- 165. Of those dedicated workers to get it on the road and Diane at this sales pace they're on. At a rate to sell 300000 RVs here in America --

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Family vacations could include mega campers made in America.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"19316358","title":"RV Campers on Road for Comeback","url":"/WNT/video/rv-campers-road-comeback-19316358"}