Santa Monica Rampage: Suspect's Stash of Ammunition

Investigators say the suspect had 1,300 rounds of ammunition.
2:45 | 06/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Santa Monica Rampage: Suspect's Stash of Ammunition
We begin with a terrifying portrait now emerging of that california rampage, how it unfolded more than 24 hours ago. A short time ago police releasing the first details about the gunman, the incredible amount of ammunition and the deadly plan, first targeting his own family, setting fire to the home. Dressed in black, the gunman carjacking a woman making her drive as he took aim city city bus, spraying it with gunfire. This image as the suspect enters the school obtained by kabc. Inside terrified students huddled in a school office, cell phones to their ears. Outside group, look at this, a group of elementary school students who had been on a tour of a planet tear yum on campus. John schriffen leading us off from santa monica. Reporter: Police say this is some of the arsenal used by the santa monica that terrorized the city friday. Approximately 1300 rounds of ammunition for at least two guns, ammunition or at least two guns, a high powered assault rifle and a 44 caliber resolve, plus tactical gear. He was heavily armed and ready for battle. We're getting a better understanding of how intense this rampage was that left five people dead, four victims and the shooter plus one person still in the hospital in critical condition. The terror started just before noon when a call came in at 11:52 about shots fired. Responding officers found a house on fire, inside two dead bodies, the shooter's father and brother, as the gunman ran away dressed in black he carjacked a woman at gun point making her his driver. He forced her to drive at gun point, told her where to stop, told her he would kill her. She was obviously terrified. She did what she was told and at an opportunity when he provided that to her to leave, she took it. Reporter:11:56, calls came in about the gunman spraying bullets into a city bus, calls came in at 12:02 about shots fired into an suv, killing the driver, 68-year-old carlos franco, minutes later the suspect arrived on the campus of santa monica college killing a woman and entered a library where he found students hiding in a safe room. They stacked items in the safe room against a door, hunkered down and avoided shots avoided shots fired at 12:05 officers incountered the gunman shooting him multiple time, killing him. Reporter: Police don't know what triggered the shooting and have not released the identity of the gunman but they did say he would have turned 24 years old today. Now to the other major headline, the extreme weather,

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{"id":19356906,"title":"Santa Monica Rampage: Suspect's Stash of Ammunition","duration":"2:45","description":"Investigators say the suspect had 1,300 rounds of ammunition.","url":"/WNT/video/santa-monica-rampage-suspects-stash-ammunition-19356906","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}