Saving Big Time on Dental Care

Money-saving tips to make your smile brighter while saving you money at the dentist.
3:02 | 07/17/13

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Transcript for Saving Big Time on Dental Care
Tonight the real money team is back with new and easy ways to save on your teeth and your smile. Tonight, american families are spending more than $1,000 a year on the dentist, and that's after insurance. So abc's paula faris who has been chris crossing the country all week brings us new ways to save the family on dental bills. Reporter: P wouldn't it be great to have healthy teeth, great smiles and not have to empty out your bank account? Hi, we're checking in to see the dentist. Reporter: The whole family from boston will be expanding as will their expenses as mom is due any day. But just when they're trying to tighten the belt, they're getting drilled with thousands in dental costs. You guys are avoiding the dentist, especially you, carl. Are you scared of the drill or the cost? It's both, really. Reporter: Because he didn't want to pay for a cavity, he now has to get a crown. Mom needs gum surgery and their tiny to the, mary, regular cleanings. Then there's grandmother. How much have you spent an dental care in the last five years? Probably at least $20,000. Reporter: All out of pocket because medicare offers absolutely no dental coverage. The whole family is staring at a $3,026 bill. There is a reason to smile. Brighter.Com. A new company with a new deal. They attract new customers to them. Normal price is $291. Price for brighter members is $49. Reporter: Brighter says it's taken off in l.A. And hopes to be nationwide in a year. In the meantime, meet our insider, jason. Tip number one, find the going rate for procedures in your area by logging onto brighters price estimator. We found prices vary wildly, as much as 400 percent. If you see that the dentist is charging somewhere in the red range, what are you going to do? Say good-bye. Reporter: Tip two, if you schedule unpopular times, they may give you a break. Mom and dad got an extra 581 bucks. Finally, tip number three, ask for a group discount. Bringing in mary and grandmother, found them another $850. This family will save $1,431 this year alone. That's real money. That's real money. Reporter: Our e fielding questions right now on the "world news" facebook page. Tomorrow night we'll be in another city that's also dealing with this intense heat wave and we'll be tackling energy bills. Diane? Paula faris, thanks so much. Great to have you there in boston with all of our pals up there.

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{"id":19694282,"title":"Saving Big Time on Dental Care","duration":"3:02","description":"Money-saving tips to make your smile brighter while saving you money at the dentist.","url":"/WNT/video/saving-big-time-dental-care-19694282","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}