Saving Money on Your Electric Bill

Real ways and quick adjustments to slash electricity costs in half.
3:29 | 07/18/13

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Transcript for Saving Money on Your Electric Bill
All this week our real money team has been showing us tips that can save you hundreds of dollars, sometimes in a matter of seconds. Tonight in the sweltering heat wave we take aim at your power bill. The average family spends $2200 a year on electricity. Now watch what a quick 10-second adjustment can do. Abc's paula faris has been criss-crossing the country all week and joins us tonight from philadelphia. It's steamy there, paula. Reporter: It is. Good evening, diane. Air conditioning units across the nation getting a workout today, especially here in philadelphia where it's the hottest day of the year so far. Those heating and cooling cost representing about half of our energy bills and tonight we plug into a philadelphia family. They're going to save 30% on their energy bill by just a few simple switches. Moments like these are rare in the bernard household. When the boys aren't zapping julie and peter's energy, they're getting zapped by the energy bills. How energy conscious are the two of you? At least once a month I'm really energy conscious. When you get the bill? Exactly. Reporter: That bill is a scorcher, $3,000 this year alone. Energy expert ben bixby says they're getting burned. How do you know if your energy bill is high? Go to myenergy.Com to compare your energy usage with others in your town. See all those other dots? They represent the bernard's neighbors. You can see here that in june they spent $252 on electricity. That's a little bit high relative to some of the other people in the neighborhood. Julie you're in the red. We want to be green. Ben finds nearly $1,000 in hidden money around the house with tips that only take them seconds. First, they replace the old thermostat with nest. It notices when you turn the temperature up or down. It tries to figure out why and what's going to make you the most comfortable. Reporter: It learning their habits and gets them $173 back this year. It also pays for itself by next year. Heading down to the basement -- how many loads of laundry do you do a week? Reporter: By cashing in cold water it will get them $384 a year. Good housekeeping says it gets your clothes just as clean. Do you have any idea what temperature it's set at right now? Extremely hot. Reporter: Turning their water heater down 20 degrees nets them $100. Back upstairs unplugging devices they're not using finds them $102. I like to look up. Reporter: Another $103 in energy savings by swapping old BULBS WITH LEDs. They're pricey but will pay for themselves by next year. Let there be light. Reporter: All in all plugging an extra $887 in their budget this year. All I have to say is that's real money. That's real money! Reporter: Our expert is fielding questions right now on the abc news facebook page with a couple of additional tips to help you find hidden money in your home. Diane, tomorrow night we've been hearing all week how real money impacted our viewers. We're going to have a couple of their stories tomorrow. Great, paula. See you right back here. You saved a lot of money in these days on the road.

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{"id":19707852,"title":"Saving Money on Your Electric Bill","duration":"3:29","description":"Real ways and quick adjustments to slash electricity costs in half.","url":"/WNT/video/saving-money-electric-bill-19707852","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}