School Bus Safety Concerns

Is the bus your child is riding to school as safe as it can be?
1:52 | 09/03/14

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Transcript for School Bus Safety Concerns
With billions of children back to school in America, a deadly school bus accident tonight. It happened in Wisconsin, more than a dozen students hurt. The dramatic video, the school bus crash tests, buses put to the test. How safe are they? Here's ABC's linsey Davis tonight. Reporter: On this country road in Wisconsin, a school bus collision with a car, killing one person and injuring 13 students. A lot of the kids were very upset. Reporter: New concerns tonight from parents and critics after a recent rash of school buses. In almost every state in the country, seat belts are not required. They are 50 times more likely to get to school safely than if they were driving themselves or riding with friends. Reporter: The national transportation safety board looked at two fatal side impact collisions in 2012 and found seatbelts add a measure of safety. This animation shows a child wearing a seatbelt and one not wearing a seatbelt. Why aren't seatbelts in every school bus? Could it be the cost? As much as $7,000 per bus, saving two lives per year. Is this what it really comes down to, it's too expensive? Yes, there would be an added cost, but if all school districts bought buses with belts, those costs would go down over time. Reporter: The national highway safety administration says seatbelts can hinder Val wakes but in the event of a rollover or side impact, seatbelts could prevent this. School buses are designed to be safer than cars. The seats are closely spaced together. The seatbacks are high and padded but many parents would like to see those seatbelts installed.

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{"id":25239155,"title":"School Bus Safety Concerns","duration":"1:52","description":"Is the bus your child is riding to school as safe as it can be?","url":"/WNT/video/school-bus-safety-concerns-25239155","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}