School Shooting in Georgia, Alleged Gunman in Custody

Suspect, 19, allegedly enters elementary school with AK-47; no students injured.
3:06 | 08/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for School Shooting in Georgia, Alleged Gunman in Custody
Just as so many american children are heading back to school, once again we have faced a day of fear. Today in an elementary school in atlanta, a 19-year-old man with a semiautomatic weapon made his way in, announcing his intent to kill until he was stopped in the nick of time. No child was injured but we saw those pictures. Again, little children sprinting to safety. Parents stricken with fear. A security officer shouting directions in the chaos and the are you unions, union erie reminder of newtown, connecticut, 8 months ago. Steve osunsami who was there with what happened moment by moment. Reporter: These are pictures no parent wants to see and they're frighteningly familiar. DESPERATE TEACHERS AT the McNair academy outside of atlanta rushing the young children away from danger, a police officer at the child's level telling her it will be all right. Inside the grade school, a man with a gun losing his mind. There were shots that were fired. Exactly how many and how that all transpired, offthose details. Reporter: These are describing the gunman as a white man around 19 years old. They say he entered the front offers armed with an ak 37 and other weapons. They sent police a message. I thought perhaps it was a prank. Reporter: The tv station says he wanted a news crew to come to the school to record people dying. When police arrived, he fired at officers and they fired back, a glass window at the school entrance shattered but no one was hurt and the shooter surrendered without incident. For the parents who scrambled to a walmart parking lot nearby it's chaos. It's a feeling you can't describe. Unless you have kids, you can't describe it. It don't make sense. It just doesn't make sense. Reporter: They didn't know where to go or what to do. Police divided them by grades, families of third graders here, fifth graders there. Everyone here talked about the school shootings up north. Newtown, connecticut was suddenly not so far away. When the buses arrived with the children, the parents cheered. The children waved, a very relieved superintendent of schools worked the crowds. All our children are safe. That's a blessing. We're all safe. Reporter: A parent here told me there is nothing like safe kids. We're in a crazy time with a lot of crazy people. Hug your kids tight, tell them you love them all the time, all the time. Reporter: This is no way to start the school year, families here in only their second week of school, children telling the stories of hiding underneath their desks when they heard the gunfire. Police believe the gunman of may have had explosives on him so this could have been a much more difficult night for parents. Thank you so much. It could have been.

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{"id":20018807,"title":"School Shooting in Georgia, Alleged Gunman in Custody","duration":"3:06","description":"Suspect, 19, allegedly enters elementary school with AK-47; no students injured.","url":"/WNT/video/school-shooting-georgia-alleged-gunman-custody-20018807","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}