The Secret Life of the Female Wine Drinker

A few glasses of wine each night may be too many.
2:47 | 10/16/13

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Transcript for The Secret Life of the Female Wine Drinker
axiron. Next tonight, we're going to show you some of the secret ways women are drinking at home. More than they let their partners or children know. Studies show a big increase tonight in the number of women drinking and driving. So the question, when does the glass of wine become a problem? Abc's amy robach with the answer. Reporter: Heather king couldn't wait for the end of her day. I drank nightly. I felt like I was having some "me" time with my wine. Reporter: But eventually. The mom of three began to hide from her husband how many times she was refilling her glass. I added a lot more. I would run the water in the sink so he wouldn't hear the glug, glug, glug of the bottle going into the glass. Reporter: How do you know the difference between enjoying a -- between destressing and having an actual problem? Are you looking forward to this a little too much? Is this medication? Is this first aid? Reporter: Gabriel glaser wrote "her best kept secret" after she began to evaluate her own drinking habits. I think that women are under so much more stress than they ever have been in their lives. It's not that you set out to be med kating yourself, but it's really easy also to cross that line. Reporter: It can come at a price? It can, it can. Dui arrests among women are up 30% while men's decreased. And the number of women seeking treatment for alcohol abuse tripling. Women's body process alcohol differently than men, and makes the consequences show up sooner. It's a sneaky addiction. It's subtle, adding a glass here and there. Reporter: Heather king decided that she needed to stop completely. Seeking treatment in an alcohol support group, and writing. Sharing her first-hand experience with other women. I get to just be free of the obsession I had with wine. Reporter: Another approach is moderat moderation. Here in the u.S., One five-once glass a day for women. If you drink four or more drinks that's binge drinking. Gabrielle says she keeps a careful mental tally. For her, never more than two glasses a day. Be aware when you are drinking, why you are drinking and what alcohol is doing to you, and what feelings it might be masking. Five onces of wine is a lot less than people actually pour. If you count the ounces, you probably had closer to three. And you had a tip you were telling me about? That's right. If you pour your glass with the glass on the table, you will pour 12% less wine. Thanks so much. We wonder, do you have a favorite for the rock'n'roll

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{"id":20592865,"title":"The Secret Life of the Female Wine Drinker","duration":"2:47","description":"A few glasses of wine each night may be too many.","url":"/WNT/video/secret-life-female-wine-drinker-20592865","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}