Where's the Summer Weather?

Severe flooding and cold weather may have people bundling up for Memorial Day weekend.
1:07 | 05/24/13

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Transcript for Where's the Summer Weather?
Right now, with memorial day upon us, millions of families traveling, but in some parts, it is going to be tough going this weekend. Look at this tonight. Flooding across the northeast. Neighbors actually kayaking down the street, along with those cars. That is unreal. Abc meteorologist ginger zee is here to tell us what we're in for. Rain to possible snow? Reporter: Is it memorial day? Let's check in on that. A few flur rips in parts of new england, but really the rain is the dangerous part. I want to get to the parts of vermont have seen a month's worth in just a week. They have another two inches possible through sunday. All right, ginger zee with us. And another washing spot to watch? Right, flash flood warn,s all day here, austin, you can see pictures here, from austin, big trorms coming down, down to san antonio, closing numerous roads in both those big cities, as so many get on the road. Great news for the weekend, though. The day itself, on monday, memorial day, looking much drier as the storms move out of the northeast. You can see it there. If you want warmth, go to the southeast of the southwest, because the center of the nation, going to stay stormy. Ginger zee with the entire

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{"id":19253834,"title":"Where's the Summer Weather?","duration":"1:07","description":"Severe flooding and cold weather may have people bundling up for Memorial Day weekend.","url":"/WNT/video/severe-flooding-cold-weather-people-bundling-memorial-day-19253834","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}