Severe Flooding in the Midwest Causes Three Deaths

Missouri and Mississippi are in state of emergency because of severe weather.
1:53 | 04/22/13

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Transcript for Severe Flooding in the Midwest Causes Three Deaths
In the midwest tonight, fear of more rain and more stress after severe flooding caused at least three deaths and sparked a state of emergency in both illinois and missouri. Abc's alex perez is in clarksville, missouri, on the shore of the mississippi river where residents are watching and worrying. Reporter: Streets turned into rivers. Canoes and kayaks the only way around as the waters rose higher and higher. Even the fish soughtrefuge. Spring in the midwest has given way to an all-out race to sandbag and hold the rising rivers. Three people have been killed as cars were swept away by raging flood waters. One indiana county saw 11 emergency rescues in a single night. Here in clarks vil, missouri, the water is as high as the stop signs. They have been working around the clock using thousands of sandbags to build a fortress around the town. More than 500 people volunteering in the town of just 477, to keep the water out. This might be the end, but we're going to fight like craze toe keep that from happening. Reporter: And for the most part, the sandbags have kept most of the town dry, but the mayor says, this battle isn't over. It will be a long time before we totally recover. Reporter: And the forecast, the next 48 hours is ominous. More reaf rains. Bracing for it, grand rapids, miffingz, where at times, boats outnumbered cars and a state of emergency is already in ct. And mor misery expected in peor peoria, illinois where flood waters have caused landslides and damaged homes. Even when the rain ends, still the threat of more water from melting snow. Alex perez, abc news, clarksville, missouri. And we'll be watching and waiting with them.

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{"id":19018754,"title":"Severe Flooding in the Midwest Causes Three Deaths","duration":"1:53","description":"Missouri and Mississippi are in state of emergency because of severe weather.","url":"/WNT/video/severe-flooding-midwest-deaths-19018754","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}