Severe Storms Brings Record Floods Across Midwest

Fierce rainfall in Plains, South Texas creates dangerous Memorial Day weekend weather.
2:23 | 05/26/13

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Transcript for Severe Storms Brings Record Floods Across Midwest
images that tell the story. The extreme weather. In fact, this image right off the top from south texas. That is a crossing signal where water is ten feet up the pole there. Tonight, countless rescues being reported. And then this. In the northeast, this image from upstate new york, wilmington. White face mountain. And an incredible 36 inches of snow. In fact, the snow banks are nearly five feet high. Tonight, fierce rain in the plains. Here, the rushing waters rising in one of iowa's big rivers. Tonight, abc meteorologist ginger zee tells us more severe weather is on the way for memorial day and she begins here with those new images of those rising rivers. This is the south skunk river. And it has exploded in the town. Reporter: Parts of iowa, under water tonight. After flash floods burst over the rivers and into the streets. Inundating holiday weekends with more than six inches of rain. It's really bad. Never seen it this bad. Reporter: Meanwhile, in san antonio, it's been a weekend of deadly flash floods. Almost 250 calls for rescue, as the city was swamped with its secon secon second-wettest day on record. This is insane. Reporter: Two people are dead. One boy still missing. And in new england, it's almost june and it's snowing. At least three feet of snow fell on white face mountain in new york. In killington,vermont, the skis were back on. And in new hampshire, the deck championships meant for enjoying a spring barbecue, buried in snow. Wow. Just incredible whiplash this weekend. Ginger is here now. And you were telling us, into tonight and tomorrow, more severe weather? Reporter: Right, the sky has been exploding with more than rain. We had 100 severe weather reports. Look at this photo. From south dakota. Just a classic thunderstorm. And we're going to see more severe weather. Here's who needs to be concerned, as we go through this late night and into your early memorial day, rapid city, down to wichita, lubbock. This is a huge area. Tens of thousands of people that could see damaging wind, hail and isolated tornadoes. Something else you pointed out to us, temperatures in some places near 80? This is spring, we go back and forth, but this is a big whiplash. You go from snow, more than three feet in upstate new york, NOW TO THE 90s, EVEN IN SOME Spots. Look at the numbers with me. Temperatures in new york city, going to get to 80 by the midweek. And here in d.C.87. So, close to 90. A big cha coming.

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{"id":19262339,"title":"Severe Storms Brings Record Floods Across Midwest","duration":"2:23","description":"Fierce rainfall in Plains, South Texas creates dangerous Memorial Day weekend weather.","url":"/WNT/video/severe-storms-brings-record-floods-midwest-19262339","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}