Severe Weather Across the Country and More on the Way

Rare tornado touches down outside of Boston and lightning strikes a beach in southern Calif., killing one.
4:46 | 07/28/14

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Transcript for Severe Weather Across the Country and More on the Way
Ferocious storm delivered up power punch today watches a tornado touches down outside Boston the survivors say this twister hit fast and hard and their town looks like a war zone tonight. That county hasn't seen a twister since records began back when Truman was president. And ABC's GO Benitez is on the ground and Revere, Massachusetts where the tornado barreled through the town today. Powerful EF two tornado it. Unlikely spot the Boston -- is this the view outside Revere high school this morning. They don't. The tornado packing winds up to a 120. Miles per hour it was just unbelievable -- in Massachusetts this happening. Since. And I would expect that it back home in Chicago in the windy city but here. Across the seaside town two miles of destruction. Cars flipped over on the sidewalk main streets littered with pieces of buildings. The train station parking lot looking like a pond pieces of -- building resting outside of this gas station. -- -- -- Not Oklahoma. From the air roofs ripped off some houses walls -- missing on others. That is they should never seen anything like -- again sixteen well. The feeling good -- right here. It was one of more than 300 reports of severe weather in the last 24 hours. This dramatic picture of -- twister hitting ground today in -- looked in Colorado. Last night in Connecticut and EF zero touching down for just over a half mile winds of 85 miles per hour. Twisters in Tennessee flung debris through the air more than thirty homes damaged. And tonight here in Revere, Massachusetts we're told a tornado went right through these backyard. The National Weather Service says this is the first confirmed tornados in this county since the agency started keeping records back in the 1950s. The good news -- Nobody was seriously injured. That is really good. News at surprising look into all that damage and now we take you just startling lightning strike out west. Right on the beach in Southern California sunbathers and swimmers say they heard a crackle. And seconds later a giant bolt of lightning hurled an electrical charge through the water. ABC's meteorologist ginger -- breaks it down. Okay I'll warm and muggy day in Southern California. Packed Venice Beach when all the sudden it was a lightning bolt. And it hit here and many hit over there as well. So it was scary we now know it was four bolts of lightning striking from the boardwalk to the ocean events. An incredibly about like flash like a bomb -- -- the lightning killing twenty year old Nicholas funding on how he was in the water. In all lightning injuring more than a dozen shocking some knocking others -- -- Face in the water I was believe boarding and and then seeing no I was -- trying to get my head. He had the water for -- air. You could see the storm coming on the radar blowing up just after 1:40 Pacific time. By 230 almost an hour later this cell is right over Venice Beach the National Weather Service issuing a bulletin hours before the storm warning of dangerous lightning. The not being hit by lightning California Arnold -- -- seven million compared to one and 400000. In Florida the nation's lightning capital. Exactly how lightning danger spreads across water lake sending California is not well study and mostly a meteorological mystery. While I'm land you can see in this photo illustrating that even one strike can be dangerous for people standing near. What we do know is that lightning can strike more than ten miles from the storm -- So far this year there have been sixteen deadly lightning strikes to date the averages 35 so -- actually below average but check this out tonight everyone there is more coming flash flooding from the same type of monsoon storms this. Outside of Las Vegas and -- canyon rainfall rates some two plus inches per hour and that's the concern tonight -- and flash flood threats for six states. From California through call about how they're actually been reports of tornadoes around Denver. And it's not just the south -- that -- East Coast. Still with severe thunderstorm watch is up there in New England that's for the next couple of hours and down along the southeast so no one really catching a break. Until tomorrow when we settle accounts say thank you so much --

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{"id":24751334,"title":"Severe Weather Across the Country and More on the Way","duration":"4:46","description":"Rare tornado touches down outside of Boston and lightning strikes a beach in southern Calif., killing one.","url":"/WNT/video/severe-weather-country-24751334","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}