Severe Weather: Tornado Threats Across the Midwest

Approximately 40 million Americans are on high alert for violent storms.
3:00 | 04/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Severe Weather: Tornado Threats Across the Midwest
And we move, next, to the weather watch for 40 million Americans in the middle of this country. A bull's eye of dangerous weather. Hail like golf balls, fierce winds and the threat of tornadoes. The storm zone is stretching from Illinois to the gulf and marching east. And ABC's ginger zee, a veteran storm chaser, is on the ground there. Ginger? Reporter: Diane, it smells and it feels like spring storms. Right here in Memphis, we're in the elevated risk area. And although the storms have fired well to our west, it is going to be a long night in what has already been a long day of severe weather. Sirens before sunrise. Trampling nearly 100 homes. The governor of Missouri, declaring a state of emergency. More than five inches of rain, forcing flash floods and water rescue south of Kansas City. Pelting rain, halting the cardinals and Cincinnati. The stands, empty. This fire truck sliding off the road and flipping over in Indiana. Most of those, sounding like this. In Denton, Texas, hail as big as baseballs, shattering windshields. We watch the line of storms pop up, we know that hail, big hail, could be a possibility because as the storms get really high in the atmosphere, the colder it gets. The higher the storm, the bigger the hail. And not far northwest, a different type of frozen precipitation, spring snow, dropping up to 20 inches on parts of Colorado. Let's focus in on who needs to be concerned tonight through tomorrow because this is not just an evening event. Here, we'll take you into that elevated risk area that you're seeing in red. Anywhere from southwestern Missouri into western Tennessee, just sought of St. Louis and into northern Louisiana. That's the elevated risk. But it can happen anywhere from eastern Texas up to about Cincinnati. Then, as we head into the overnight, early Friday, here's what you can expect. All the way from the gulf coast, to the southern great Lakes. Diane? Our thanks to you, ginger, who will be tracking these storms all night.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Approximately 40 million Americans are on high alert for violent storms.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"23184784","title":"Severe Weather: Tornado Threats Across the Midwest","url":"/WNT/video/severe-weather-tornado-threats-midwest-23184784"}