Severe Weather Turns Deadly With Flash Flood Warnings in 9 States

As the line of severe storms marches east, homes are washed away in Kentucky with intense heat in the Plains.
2:29 | 07/14/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Severe Weather Turns Deadly With Flash Flood Warnings in 9 States
Out of the severe weather turning deadly tonight in this country to map saying it all sixty million Americans in the storm zone at this hour. From Cincinnati to DC Memphis to Atlanta flash flood watches in nine states now that line of storms marching eastward. It is the same system wreaking Havoc in Kentucky in black gap Johnson County homes washed away just incredible scenes there under the bridge. Not the only home walked away and back and tonight at least two are now dead they are searching for six missing at this hour. ABC's Ken this gives him in the flood zone with the pictures of those homes. Being washed away. Tonight severe weather pretty deadly. But I can't get out how do now or scare today at home hot dog in Johnson County Kentucky. Points that separated us. Wiping out dozens of homes many with people still inside Jesus please be with these people organized those floating homes. Slamming right into this break. This is your brother's players about all statements it's fairly washing away with their home. He managed to rescue them with a bolt the family clinging to a tree down river we've heard. Who was improving briseno. Look pretty bad. At least they're alive they're not washed out roads and debris everywhere making the search for survivors even harder to. It the last 24 hours. Nearly 500 reports of severe weather. A tornado touching down in Hutchinson Kansas the twister packing a 165 mile an hour winds captured by a drone. Tonight residents around this area are bracing for more storms and the possibility of more flash flooding it is the last thing they need. David just an incredible scene Candace thank you and as tennis points out bracing for more and you've got to ginger. And the same areas that were hit a lot of them seeing flood watches but also those severe thunderstorm watch is David the pink on the map is the important part. But there is severe thunderstorm warnings popping right now just west of Washington DC. They're already been tornadoes reported more than 130. Severe strong with this point that number will grow very quickly. Overnight after midnight is when the storm starts die out a bit but we still have a severe weather threat yet tonight in the region that you can see here from west Kansas. That little pocket then from Nashville up to DC Richmond and rally your rent it and you get it again tomorrow so we put on. The Wednesday severe weather threat Savannah Georgia has it back in Nebraska and the northern plains finally really quickly David the heat has been intense in the plains. Wichita Tulsa Oklahoma an excessive heat warning. The heat of summer are two Jersey tonight thank you.

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{"id":32455386,"title":"Severe Weather Turns Deadly With Flash Flood Warnings in 9 States","duration":"2:29","description":"As the line of severe storms marches east, homes are washed away in Kentucky with intense heat in the Plains.","url":"/WNT/video/severe-weather-turns-deadly-flash-flood-warnings-states-32455386","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}