Shark Sightings on the Rise Near Shore

Find out why these predators troll the waters so close to the shore where swimmers are.
2:04 | 08/05/13

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Transcript for Shark Sightings on the Rise Near Shore
Now word tonight that right now in the height of summer there are more sharks near more beaches on the coast of the united states, and a growing number of shark attacks. Abc's weather editor system champion decided to suit up and go in search of the reason why. Reporter: Shark attacks on humans have risen to an all time high. Last year there were 53 attacks in the u.S. Alone. And worldwide there were 80 unprovoked attacks. Here in the bahamas -- the team of experts from discovery channels, "sharkpocalypse" -- is researching the rise in shark attacks as part of shark week. Shark on the right. That thing came out of nowhere. Reporter: In some places, like off the coast of cape cod, the protected population of seals have brought sharks closer to shore. Discover rehab there, tracking this shark, nicknamed large marge, with new shark technology. But experts say years the real reason for the increase is something we're doing right. But conservation efforts have helped them start bouncing back. So, bottom line -- there are more and more sharks in the water every year. People are spending more time in the water. We were soon surrounded by caribbean reef sharks looking for a meal. They have been known to become aggressive while they are feeding and they have attacked humans before. Look down, shark on your right! Reporter: The experience was incredible, not all shark species are the frightening killers I expected. Keep in mind it is 75 more times likely of being struck by lightning than killed by a shark. Still ahead, something else amazing, all of a sudden a

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{"id":19877116,"title":"Shark Sightings on the Rise Near Shore","duration":"2:04","description":"Find out why these predators troll the waters so close to the shore where swimmers are.","url":"/WNT/video/shark-sightings-rise-shore-19877116","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}