Shopping Secrets to Keep You Saving

Tips and tricks on how to save money during the holiday season.
1:47 | 11/25/14

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Transcript for Shopping Secrets to Keep You Saving
? ? Next tonight, our real money team is back and our reporter side-by-side with the shopper, and it was the shopper who saved the most money, with help from somethinhe downloaded on her phone. Here's ABC's Rebecca Jarvis. Reporter: Black Friday -- known in the past to leave some shoppers with a black eye. But now, you can avoid all that because the number crunchers have cracked the shopping code. Think of it as a marathon. Keep your eye out for deals all the time. Don't assume that they're all going to happen on black Friday. Reporter: Experts looked at 1.5 million deals, from 25,000 retailers over the last four years, and found the very best days to get discounts. For toys, it's this Wednesday, November 26th. And again December 8th and 19th. For clothes, wait two more weeks, until December 11th and 18th. And on electronics, bag those bargains asap, November 26th and black Friday, November 28th. Plus, stock up on additional discounts with apps like retail me not, poach it and target's cartwheel. Just watch as we put it to the test. Working mom Alice scans with her phone while I scan the aisles. So I just searched cartwheel and the Bella dolts coffee make earls are 20% off. Reporter: At checkout, we both start off tied at $157. I saved is $15.99. Reporter: But using cartwheel coupons and a store credit card, Alice reduces her bill to $102. Saving $55. You beat me by a lot. A lot a lot. Short-term loss for a long-term gain. Mark your calendar for one week from today, that is cyber Monday. Top day for clothing deals and also on top of that, free shipping, David. You won't feel badly if I call Alice for help. Reporter: Give her a ring.

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{"duration":"1:47","description":"Tips and tricks on how to save money during the holiday season. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"27151415","title":"Shopping Secrets to Keep You Saving ","url":"/WNT/video/shopping-secrets-saving-27151415"}