Skiers rescued after being buried by New Mexico avalanche

Rescuers used dogs and poles to check the snow after at least two skiers got trapped for more than 20 minutes at a Taos ski resort.
3:05 | 01/18/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Skiers rescued after being buried by New Mexico avalanche
Late today, an avalanche trapping skiers on the slopes in New Mexico. We will have the latest on the rescue effort playing out late today. At first, they had no idea how many were trapped. Those storms, one system hitting the east tonight. The bigger one hitting this weekend. Treacherous travel from snow and heavy rain already. This tractor trailer, unbelievable, out of control there on highway 91 in Anaheim. Blizzard conditions on California's mammoth mountain. Wind gusts up to 100 miles an hour. Several feet of snow in some places, and the east tonight bracing for a dangerous mix of ice, rain and snow. ABC's gio Benitez leading us off. Reporter: Tonight, a terrifying race to save skiers buried by an avalanche. At this ski resort in new Mexico, rescuers using dogs and poles to scour the snow. The whole debris fan had a line of people probing with ski patrollers further up the hill with the dogs. Reporter: Two people rescued. They were trapped under the snow for more than 20 minutes. Rescuers performing cpr on at least one of them. This, as that powerful and deadly winter storm barrels through the Sierra Nevada mountains and heads east. Blizzard conditions, winds gusting to 100 miles per hour, bringing as much as four feet of snow already. The storm, one of two hitting, set to dump more than a foot of snow in parts of the northeast this weekend. Days of heavy rain triggering mudslides across southern California. Our will Carr is there. Reporter: After days of rain, massive Boulders have come down. One smashed into a car. The driver, lucky to be alive. These hillsides are so saturated, there's a real fear tonight that more rock and mud could come sliding down into roads and homes. Reporter: Watch as this semicollides with a vehicle on highway 91 in Anaheim, hitting the center divider. One person taken to the hospital. In San Bernardino county, first responders racing to rescue this driver who hydroplaned off of interstate 10 and into the water. Trees crashing through power lines and into cars, blocking roads across the state. In Oakland, a falling tree striking and killing one man. One of at least five storm-related deaths in California. And David, here in New York City, this is some of the salt they're using to prep those roads. 700 salt trucks ready to go right now. They are prepared for a lot of snow this weekend. David? All right, ready to go with it comes. Gio, thank you. Let's get right to rob Marciano, tracking it all tonight. He's got the new timing. Rob? Reporter: Hi, David. Lots to deal with tonight. Let's get right to it. Winter weather alerts nearly coast to coast. That first storm, the lesser of the two, will come through the northeast tonight through the rush hour tomorrow. Not a whole lot with this. But enough to slick up the roads. Then it falls apart around noontime. The second storm, that crushing the intermountain west tomorrow. Saturday morning, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, you're in the snow. The snow into New York and Boston Saturday late. Then mixing with some ice, that's going to be dangerous along I-95. Plows and power cruels will be busy this weekend. Rob Marciano. Thank you. They major story

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"Rescuers used dogs and poles to check the snow after at least two skiers got trapped for more than 20 minutes at a Taos ski resort.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"60454207","title":"Skiers rescued after being buried by New Mexico avalanche","url":"/WNT/video/skiers-rescued-buried-mexico-avalanche-60454207"}