Snowstorm Makes Spring Feel Like Winter

Sam Champion tracks the latest weather across the nation.
1:18 | 04/08/13

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Transcript for Snowstorm Makes Spring Feel Like Winter
And back here at home, a monster storm is marching across the country tonight. It may be spring, but it sure feels like winter in much of the heartland. Abc's sam champion tracking it all. It's a real witch's brew. Reporter: It's got everything. It may be early in the spring season, but this one's a power house. We'll have strong storms to blizzard conditions. In colorado, it's cranking up tonight. County to county. Eastern counties, severe thunderstorm watches. To the west of them,ard warnings. We'll see feet of snow here. Following this storm, it's a multir. Multiday dangerous storm event through the middle of the country. So see the areas in red, there are already strong storms in eastern colorado, continuing to roll overnight, put it in motion for the day tomorrow. Watch that area shaded in red, our area of concern, drop down to the south and spread east, involving central texas, up to dallas, oklahoma city, springfield, illinois, wichita, all with powerful thunderstorms and that snow will keep rolling. There will be places that will pick up and the next graphic is snow, several inches of snow. It's quite a power house. That's a furious map pi know you have a lot more tomorrow on gma. Now an abc news

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{"id":18909851,"title":"Snowstorm Makes Spring Feel Like Winter","duration":"1:18","description":"Sam Champion tracks the latest weather across the nation.","url":"/WNT/video/snowstorm-makes-spring-feel-winter-18909851","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}