SpaceX rocket now on a trajectory toward asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter

At mission control, 6,000 workers cheered the launch Tuesday.
1:58 | 02/07/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for SpaceX rocket now on a trajectory toward asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter
Finally tonight, that Tesla, and that dummy floating somewhere in space tonight. But is David bowie still playing? They are the images that left us in awe. A mannequin in a spacesuit, riding in a cherry red Tesla roadster. Blasting David bowie. ??? Is there life on Mars ??? whi Reporter: While the car blasts through space. Is the song really going to play forever? Turns out it played for about six hours before the battery died. After the picture-perfect takeoff, those three boosters, too, we watched two of them land back home perfectly. And the falcon has landed. Reporter: The third, we know, missing its target about 300 feet, crashing into the ocean. It hit the water at 300 miles an hour and took out two of the engines on the drone ship. Reporter: Elon Musk revealing that the rocket carrying that Tesla, originally on a mission to Mars, now on a trajectory toward the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, where it could stay in orbit for millions, not billions of years. Maybe discovered by a future alien race, thinking, what were they doing? Did they worship this car? Reporter: 6,000 employees cheering on that launch back at mission control outside los Angeles. We've taken you there before, for made in America. Sending supplies up to the international space station in a capsule made here. And this right here? This is the dragon capsule. Reporter: American made American engines sent into orbit. That's the first time a private company had ever done that. Reporter: And the windows are very selling, aren't they? A hint of what you plan on doing. It is. Reporter: They want Americans looking through those windows one day, but for now, just a man kin in a car, barrelling towards Jupiter and Mars, and this image, posted just as we came on the air tonight. No comment from the dummy. Thanks for watching here on a Wednesday night. I hope to see you right back here tomorrow. Good night. Night. From Boston's news leader, this is WCVB newscenter five at

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{"id":52919247,"title":"SpaceX rocket now on a trajectory toward asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter","duration":"1:58","description":"At mission control, 6,000 workers cheered the launch Tuesday.","url":"/WNT/video/spacex-rocket-now-trajectory-asteroid-belt-mars-jupiter-52919247","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}