Spring storm moves east after blanketing central US in snow

From tornadoes to blizzards, this massive spring storm is bringing it all.
2:24 | 04/15/18

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Transcript for Spring storm moves east after blanketing central US in snow
Back here at home and dangerous weather possible for millions with tornado watches in effect across the Carolinas and Virginia. Take a look at this a confirmed yet to twister in reading in Mississippi 150 miles per hour winds they're ripping off that roof. At least when he twisters reported in seven states this weekend. In the midwest another blast a spring snow take a look at that hundreds of wrecks report including this Jack knife big read in Black River falls Wisconsin. And the morning commute in the northeast could be a nasty one hears weather anchor Sam Champion. From tornadoes to blizzards this massive spring storm has at all watch this PF two tornados tear through a neighborhood in Mississippi. 150 mile per hour winds shearing the roof right off this half. This just one of at least twenty reported tornadoes in seven states since Friday yeah. Yeah. Five of those twister slamming Arkansas daylight revealing O waste land of debris and Lautenberg. Oh my gosh. From tornadoes to this multi vortex water spelled spitting on shore in Mississippi. Meanwhile in Louisiana 110 mile per hour winds toppling a tree right into this RV near Shreveport. Killing a two year old inside. And record breaking snow. Up to twenty inches of snow in parts of South Dakota markings do vaults snow we as April on record Wisconsin getting up to two feet. This semi overturned on I 94 in Green Bay and Minnesota ice and snow being blamed for over 550. Crashes in 48 hours. It seemed joins us now it's set and seemed you were just telling me we have another 36 hours before the storm has gone before it's off the coast exactly right and this is a massive storm. Two thirds of the country Tom will have been affected since Friday. With this storm as it goes let's put in motion here of course the Great Lakes. All the way to northern New England still get some snow and ice but watch this heavy rain we've got to mention the tornado watches you mentioned Tom and then watch this line with a heavy rain move right toward Philly. And New York we stopped at 7 AM to let you know the heaviest rain moves in to those big metro areas and even DC. It exactly the time your getting rated go to work on Monday morning that makes the commute. A mess now that ice pulls into Maine also a little bit toward the Boston area but mostly rain there. That's 7 PM so that's what we're telling you it's late Monday night early Tuesday morning before this monster is off shore to heart strong start of the week Sam thanks so much.

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{"id":54490738,"title":"Spring storm moves east after blanketing central US in snow","duration":"2:24","description":"From tornadoes to blizzards, this massive spring storm is bringing it all.","url":"/WNT/video/spring-storm-moves-east-blanketing-central-us-snow-54490738","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}