Spy Scandal

Reports that President Obama approved NSA spying on German leader.
1:46 | 10/27/13

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Transcript for Spy Scandal
New claims about america spying on its allies foreign leaders and phone calls. A german newspaper now reporting that chancellor angela merkel's cell phone has been monitored for more than a decade. Jeffrey kauffman is in london tonight about the allies around the world not happy. Reporter: It's not the way friends expect to be treated. The headlines in germany this weekend, the u.S. Has been listening to chancellor angela merkel's cell phone calls since 2002, even longer than earlier reported. President obama was told about this three years ago. This afternoon, the white house said the president was never told. On the streets of germany, outrage directed at the u.S., the chons chancellor herself feeling violated that the u.S. Has been snoopg on one of its closest allies. Completely unacceptable she said. Germany is now the 5th u.S. Ally to summon its ambassador to launch a formal protest. In france outrage over the u.S. Intercept of 70 million e-mails and the bugging of their washington embassy. In brazil hacked by u.S. Spies. Mexico the hacking of the president's e-mails, spain, too, calling in the u.S. Ambassador. Are they doing it for industrial reasons. That's the suspicions? Europe that this is about industrial espionage. Reporter: Since the end of world war ii the u.S. Had a no spying agreement with the u.K., canada, australia, and new zealand. The germans are planning to send the delegations to washington to demand that they, too, be added to that list.

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{"id":20698607,"title":"Spy Scandal ","duration":"1:46","description":"Reports that President Obama approved NSA spying on German leader.","url":"/WNT/video/spy-scandal-20698607","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}