'Star Wars: Episode IX' gets a title

Fans finally learned the title of "Star Wars: Episode IX," and got a first look at footage from the final installment in the franchise's third trilogy.
2:03 | 04/13/19

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Transcript for 'Star Wars: Episode IX' gets a title
I'm will read it Star Wars celebration in Chicago where I caught up with the stars. Of Star Wars episode nine neat and of this saga. The movie has a title now to. It's been so wonderful I'm I can honestly say it never gets old because it's different every time and it's always overwhelming in the best way. They're so much love here feels. Profound it's huge emotional it feels. Like it is the culmination of not only the three films that I was a part of this team. Entire forty plus years saga you know it's the third act of this massive opera. And you know there's a real lineage and a real history here not just the stories history but I cinematic history. That we were able to finally be part of that abstinence that's been incredible it's incredibly what to people's. A when they find out that you are at the man who plays to box. No way out accusing me. Obvious. That they don't believe in the universe because I mover differently than my character but wagons characters no room. Important thoughts up some very special thing what's there aren't final thing I'm. I thought I was tall I'm six foot three how tall are you I'm so it was just shy of seven feet. Moment pretty much seventy what you're looking at mount would choose 71. 71 can we go back to back quickly just have to prove. That's 71. Right there. But the rise of skywalker when the teaser trailer was released ending with that title reveal. The thousands of people packed into the convention center here in Chicago went crazy only a few more months ago. Until the saga ends.

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{"duration":"2:03","description":"Fans finally learned the title of \"Star Wars: Episode IX,\" and got a first look at footage from the final installment in the franchise's third trilogy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"62372978","title":"'Star Wars: Episode IX' gets a title","url":"/WNT/video/star-wars-episode-ix-title-62372978"}