Stories of heroism after the London terror attack

Memorials dedicated to the victims of the terror attack are growing along the crime scene.
2:23 | 06/04/17

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Transcript for Stories of heroism after the London terror attack
Brian, thank you. And as we reported earlier, stories of heroism emerging. Bystanders, confronting the attackers. Good samaritans rushing to help the victims. Several small memorials for the injured and dead are growing. But as Eva pilgrim reports, many of the people targeted fought back. Reporter: Tonight, chilling stories of survival and selflessness. All I could see was one man in the front, with a pool of blood on the ground. Reporter: Mark kinshew, trying to help a man caught in the crossfire. I took off my belt, and myself and the other man put the belt around sort of his head. To apply pressure and stop the bleeding. Reporter: And the man who took this video of terrorists inching closer to packed bars and restaurants, British journalist geoff ho. Moments later trying to fend off those terrorists attacking a bouncer, stabbed in the neck, but recovering tonight according to his colleagues at the "Sunday express" who are calling him "Our hero." Survivors recalling moments of bravery. People get under wherever they can to get low. I look over and opposite, this guy is throwing a table at somebody. This heroic guy saw what was happening. And just bombarded these cowardly people. Reporter: Among the dozens injured, Marie bondeville and her boyfriend Oliver Dowling, Brett Freeman, stabbed four times, posting this photo. And this waitress, as well. What was the response like? Well, he collapsed right outside a pub. The taxi driver said, you have to run, they've got a knife. And Eva, London bridge just behind you. Joining us live. Citizens have had to suffer so much in the last two weeks. What is the sense you're getting from residents there? Reporter: There's a somber mood in the city. London bridge now becoming a place for reflection for many. Tom? Eva, thank you. And the terror attack

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"Memorials dedicated to the victims of the terror attack are growing along the crime scene.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"47826568","title":"Stories of heroism after the London terror attack","url":"/WNT/video/stories-heroism-london-terror-attack-47826568"}