Storms that triggered mudslides move east as search continues for the missing

From Burbank to Montecito, new images capture the moments of crisis in California.
3:50 | 01/11/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Storms that triggered mudslides move east as search continues for the missing
the powerful winter storm moving across the country right now. The same one that unleashed that deadly mudslide in California, now bringing snow, freezing rain to 120 million Americans in the midwest and here in the east. Triggering whiteout conditions already in Salina, Kansas. Snow trucks clearing the roads. Tonight, barrelling all the way to the east coast, making for a very treacherous Friday on the roads. Let's get right to rob Marciano, tracking this all for us. You've got the time out for us? Reporter: Not a lot of snow with this, but we're really worried about the ice. Tonight, 7:00, we bring the maps forward. Arctic blast, below 32 and where that moisture meets that subfreezing air, that's where the trouble is going to be, Louisville, Indianapolis in the morning for the rush. Up the Ohio river. Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, back through Nashville, as well. Then sliding up east of Buffalo in through Albany. Heavy rain, by the way, for the evening rush tomorrow for the big cities with that melting snow. New York included. Snowfall generally less than five inches, but anywhere from a coating to a quarter inch of ice in that inning area. That's going to make driving very dangerous. Be very careful out there. Rob, thank you. New images continue coming in of the devastation, the force of the deadly mudslides in California. And the moment the mudslides first appeared. Take a listen. Oh, my god. Mom. One family twriing trying to escape. You can see the mud and the rocks just as they are crashing into the home. The rain turning this road into a river. The driver still inside that car. And tonight, this question now. Where there no alerts until after the mudslides began? ABC's Matt Gutman in California again tonight. Reporter: Tonight, the asless kuehlers and k-9s trudge through the sludge, the third straight day, time is running out to find the seven people still believed missing. That series of mudslides destroying or damaging more than 500 Holmes and businesses. See this area here with this home and this pool, as we fade back to what's left there now. Absolutely nothing. Reporter: Tonight, from Burbank to montecimontecito, the new images of the harrowing first moments. Oh, my god. Mom. Marco Farrell recorded the wall of water as he rushed to get his family to safety. Get ready to go out. Wake dad up! We literally have a torrent of mud going through the house. Reporter: 17 people killed and teams working through endless mud plains to find the missing. Okay, over here. Reporter: Would you say it's possible that someone may still be alive here? Sure. Oh, yeah. Reporter: That is what Robert Riskin had hoped when we found him Tuesday. And with a bigger search party Wednesday. Searching for his mother, Rebecca Riskin. Her death confirmed today. And now, they turn to the grim task of salvaging keepsakes from a home invaded by mud, rocks and death. The family accepting all the help it could get. You know, I know at least -- I hope that she knows that I was giving everything I could to find her. Reporter: Santa Barbara officials only issued the first emergency alert nearly 20 minutes after the mudslides began. Many did not heed the voluntary evacuation warnings. Given the freak nature of the downpour, it might not have mattered anyway. They screwed up big time. They should have -- they should have said anyone in the floodplain should get the hell out. And Matt Gutman with us tonight. Those conditions are so grueling, we know rescuers still haven't been able to search the entire area yet. Reporter: That's right, David. What you're seeing behind me is basically ground zero for these mudslides. Just one of them came tearing through here, steamrolling through that bridge, it severed a gas main down there. That ignited those two houses behind me, all that debris going downstream. And the terrain here remains so treacherous that we're told 25% of the debris field still hasn't been searched. David? Matt Gutman with us again tonight. Thank you.

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{"id":52294495,"title":"Storms that triggered mudslides move east as search continues for the missing","duration":"3:50","description":"From Burbank to Montecito, new images capture the moments of crisis in California.","url":"/WNT/video/storms-triggered-mudslides-move-east-search-continues-missing-52294495","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}