Study examines spread of COVID-19 in restaurant

A new study details how the virus may have spread to others in Guangzhou by a Wuhan family that stopped to get a bite to eat.
2:10 | 05/02/20

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Transcript for Study examines spread of COVID-19 in restaurant
and businesses try to get their customers back, the new study tonight showing the potential distance this virus can spread. The study looked at a family in China. Customers sickened up to 15 feet away. An American researcher tonight on what we can all learn from this. And here's Eva pilgrim. Reporter: Tonight, as businesses begin to reopen across the country, new information about how a virus may have spread in a restaurant in China. A new study says on January 23rd, the a day Wuhan was locked down, a family travelled from Guangzhou, near Hong Kong. The following day, they ate at a restaurant. Less than two weeks later, nine other people got the virus. Five who were not seated at their table. Some of the people who got sick were more than 15 feet away. Researchers believe the restaurant's poor ventilation system, along with overcrowding, may have helped transmit the virus. In places where we can't get good ventilation wie going to have to come up with other strategies to clean the air. Reporter: While covid-19 is not classified as an airborne virus, evidence that it could travel farther than previously known is concerning. The world health organization and the CDC have maintained that the virus rarely travels more than six feet and is transmitted by droplets. Understanding how the virus spreads is one of the keys to stopping it. Another is testing. This week, New York City urgent care center now said anyone who wants an antibody test can walk in and get one. Some for no cost depending on your insurance. The first day, there are lines. Today when I went. No line. It was fast and easy. I went because I'm an essential worker and want to see if I have been unknowingly exposed. What's very important, to get the result of the test, whether it's positive or negative, should not change your behavior. Reporter: That is what experts continue to tell us. Whatever the results, they say, they stress you should continue to take precautions. Yes, not a false sense of security, but it is encouraging you found the tests available.

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{"duration":"2:10","description":"A new study details how the virus may have spread to others in Guangzhou by a Wuhan family that stopped to get a bite to eat.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"70464185","title":"Study examines spread of COVID-19 in restaurant","url":"/WNT/video/study-examines-spread-covid-19-restaurant-70464185"}