Super Tuesday Stakes Are High With Record Turnout

Trump wins GA, MA, AL, TN amid concerns over David Duke endorsement.
5:57 | 03/01/16

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Transcript for Super Tuesday Stakes Are High With Record Turnout
Great to have you with us on this Super Tuesday as we come on the air live tonight the single biggest day of voting in the presidential primaries the stakes. Enormous tonight in all voters across twelve states weighing in. The polls in the first of those have just closed in preliminary results are in from some of those races as you've just heard and our special report. In Georgia based on the exit poll data Hillary Clinton will win the primary there in Virginia to exit poll data revealing the Clinton will be the winner as well. And in Vermont perhaps as expected those exit poll showing that senator Bernie Sanders will win his home state handle. Our powerhouse political team covering it all tonight the winners as soon as we get them in the other states nothing on the Republicans yet or haven't for you as soon as we get it. We begin with ABC's Tom yeah on the son Donald Trump's final pitch trying to seal the deal. Tonight the biggest moment yet in the Republican race for president and Donald Trump viewing invincible. Every puck just like you do practically anything may be even anything and nobody is generally. In Ohio today troll gushing about who's wrong to supporters. Errors such love in those rooms and those stadiums those areas that I speak. It's actually easy there's love it's like it's like a family. It slump. What love not a. A word to describe it nasty parade wearing sun stroke rallies in Virginia the billionaire asking one protestor. She's Mexican. Now you prevent. Right. Hot. A time magazine photographer tried to capture the protest. Most of the real place Secret Service secret agent pleaded photographer once all the rules the agency still investigating. And on the trail campaign rhetoric heating a new low. For twelve but senator Marco Rubio the road to Super Tuesday one didn't write the playground and I watched his lightweight rubio total light way. Little mouth on him bing bing bing bing bing bing being being. Stan why his hands are the size of someone who's 52 in the city of they're like this and you know what they'd stay about men with small hands. You can't trust them he said at small heads. Smaller. I never heard I'd never heard that one before I've always had people say Donna you have the most beautiful hands. But the moment gets jolted the. Public and party trumps response to receiving the support a former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David duke. Trump first thing this didn't even million dollar speak David duke into SP. I disavow OK but then seen this. I don't know and I honestly I don't know David duke I don't. Believe I've ever met on my pretty sure I didn't meet him and I just don't know anything about him. Now the country's two most powerful Republicans seemed a part enough delivering an extraordinary rebuke of their party's front runner on and make it perfectly clear. Senate Republicans could dim. David duke the kkk. And his racism. If a person wants to be the nominee of the Republican Party. There can be no evasion and no games. They must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry. On the stump trumps rivals joining the chorus senator Ted Cruz speaking with ABC's Byron Pitts and anyone should have been willing to eighty. Time it was a fortunate that he didn't think so he's he's better than that rubio vowing to fight broke. Till the bitter end. I would get my pick up truck driver around this country if I have to quickly got out of that ultimately get it. Up into the hands of a con man you only candidate doesn't settle the rattled both himself rushing up all criticism is interviewed Sheehan day. There's nobody that's done so much for equality is I have. You take a look at that Palm Beach, Florida built the Bol lot go to clubs totally open to everybody that club that. Frankly has said it do standard that understated its trucks that that is standard and pop. Now trump there on Good Morning America this morning Tom Elvis live to died at her election headquarters in Times Square and Tom we sought for Marco Rubio. We sought from Ted Cruz members of the Republican establishment today as well seeming to try to take down Donald Trump but is it too late. Well David will know very soon senator rubio is closing argument that Donald Trump should be called Carl trump because he's a con man and it senator crusade he's the all new wood who was being trump. And who beat him in the future we'll see those a stack those attacks stick David.

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{"id":37320288,"title":"Super Tuesday Stakes Are High With Record Turnout","duration":"5:57","description":"Trump wins GA, MA, AL, TN amid concerns over David Duke endorsement.","url":"/WNT/video/super-tuesday-stakes-high-record-turnout-37320288","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}