Superman: The New Man of Steel

British actor Henry Cavill on his new role as Superman.
1:56 | 06/08/13

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Transcript for Superman: The New Man of Steel
Finally tonight the super gamble on the new superman. Who is this man of steel? Chris connelly, one on one. Reporter: He's back. And this man of steel has the total package, speed, sizzle, super strength. Also, he's nice. Are you okay? A legacy that would daunt any actor, especially on first hearing the news of his casting. I thought oh, my goodness, I'm superman. While snarky for obsessed comic book heros, found 21st century box office gold, the straight arrow superman has not. Is he cool? Many say he's not cool because he does the right thing all the time. How is not doing the right thing not a cool thing to do. It's a bird, a plane it's superman. Reporter: Created in DEPRESSION ERA, THE 50s HAD George reeve, a kid friendly IDOL, BY THE LATE 70s AND 80s IT Was christopher reeve. For all it's well known stars, man of steel is resting its franchise potential on the shoulders of a 30-year-old englishman. Henry cavill. I wasn't ready for the suit. It's basically a spandex outfit. I thought there's no way I'm getting this role. You can act as hard as you want but you can't act nonfat. You talk about how we can all tap into the sense of loneliness. Acting is a lonely life. I'm not saying it's a bad thing. It's a great life as well. It could be very hard work but there's a sense of loneliness. That may be a thing of the past as man of steel is released worldwide, cavill is poised for a zero to 60 fame experience few have known. It's incredibly surreal. Chris connelly, abc news los geles.

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{"id":19357453,"title":"Superman: The New Man of Steel","duration":"1:56","description":"British actor Henry Cavill on his new role as Superman.","url":"/WNT/video/superman-man-steel-19357453","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}