Supreme Court blocks COVID-19 restrictions at houses of worship

The Supreme Court blocked New York from reimposing capacity limits at churches and synagogues in a 5-4 decision.
3:28 | 11/27/20

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Transcript for Supreme Court blocks COVID-19 restrictions at houses of worship
Thanksgiving night. I'm linsey Davis, in for David. We begin tonight with president trump spending his first and final Thanksgiving at the white house and taking questions from reporters for the first time since election day. The president erupting with more baseless claims about the results. The president brissefuling about Biden already revealing his cabinet nominees. Reporters asking him about conceding, will he leave the white house and will he attend the inauguration? ABC's Rachel Scott leads us off. Reporter: Tonight, after speaking to troops serving overseas from the white house this Thanksgiving. The president of the United States took questions from reporters for the first time since election day over three weeks ago. Asked point blank, will he concede after the electoral college votes -- It's going to be a very hard thing to concede, because we know there was massive fraud. Reporter: Continuing to push unfounded claims of voter fraud and refusing to publicly acknowledge he will not serve a second term. Asked if he would leave the white house if Biden is inaugurated? Certainly I will. Certainly I will. And you know that. Reporter: But his actions during his final 55 days in office signal he knows his presidency is over. Announcing a pardon, via tweet, to general Michael Flynn. His first national security adviser, who pleaded guilty twice to lying to the FBI. The president, telling Flynn to, "Have a great life." But the backlash from Democrats was swift. House judiciary chairman Jerry Nadler calling the pardon "Undeserved, unprincipled, and one more stain on president trump's rapidly diminishing legacy." Part of his legacy, cementing a conservative majority on the supreme court for generations to come. In a late-night order, five to four, the justices ruling to bar New York from reimposing capacity limits on houses of worship due to the raging pandemic. Insiting they violate first amendment rights. Justice Amy coney Barrett playing a crucial role. The court shifting to the right since her confirmation just weeks ago. In a dissenting opinion, chief justice John Roberts, who previously served as the tiebreaker in key cases, siding with the liberals, writing, "It is a significant matter to override determinations made by public health officials in the midst of a deadly pandemic." Earlier this year, with justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the bench, the justices ruled again 5-4, to uphold capacity limits imposed on churches in California and Nevada. Governor Andrew Cuomo today calling the decision irrelevant because the churches and synagogues that sued are no longer in the higest-risk zone in the state. Suggesting the court's move was political. You have a different court. And I think that was the statement the court was making. Rachel Scott joins us now live from Washington. Rachel, while the presidential election is over, we know the balance of the senate still remains in limbo and the president says he now plans to head to Georgia? Reporter: Yeah, linsey, which party keeps control of the senate will hinge on the runoffs in Georgia. The president saying he does plan to campaign in the state the first weekend of December. And just to be clear here, linsey, there is no evidence to back up any of the president's claims of widespread voter fraud. President trump lost this election by more than 6 million votes and tonight he would not commit to attending the inauguration. Linsey? Rachel Scott, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"The Supreme Court blocked New York from reimposing capacity limits at churches and synagogues in a 5-4 decision.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"74421740","title":"Supreme Court blocks COVID-19 restrictions at houses of worship","url":"/WNT/video/supreme-court-blocks-covid-19-restrictions-houses-worship-74421740"}