Surviving the Destructive Oklahoma Tornado

Steven Eddy City Manager of Moore Oklahoma and Melissa Newtown discuss the tornado's devastation.
4:25 | 05/20/13

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Transcript for Surviving the Destructive Oklahoma Tornado
Minutes ago, I talked to abc's contributor mike vetcher, you know him from his dangerous travels in afghanistan. He lives in oklahoma, when he went out to walk the streets of moore for us to describe the wreckage. Tell me where you are and what you're seeing. Reporter: I'm walking towards brirwood elementary school, and most of it's gone. The roof is totally blown off. There is a small hill of cars piled up, and then you look across the street for as far as I can see, nothing but flattened homes. Trees that have been snapped off, and that's it. People are walking down the streets, passing me, looking dazed. Not even a recognizable structure. Which indicates that this probably was an f-5 tornado. We were only about a mile away from this area when the tornado was going through it. Videotaping the path of the tornado, and as it got closer, we finally had to pull out, and it's taken this long to make our way back through here. But diane, I've covered a lot of tornadoes over the years, and i have never, ever seen anything like this. Again, the vivid reporting of our own mike vetcher. And I also spoke to steven edid i, the city manager and he told me about the response on the ground, rescue teams, neighbors, using all their mite and concern in any way they can. What can you tell us about the damage and the school? We've had significant damage here in the community including some to some schools, I'm told. Do you know if children are trapped inside, if anyone is trapped inside those school I don't know at this point, diane. I've heard that rumor, but i don't know at this point. We're conducting search and rescue at this point with our personnel and we're also getting personnel in from all over the oklahoma city metropolitan area. So we're coordinating that, and we'll be going door to door in these neighborhoods. Do the schools tend to have tornado shelters in them? Unfortunately, they do not. They do not. Where is the nearest hospital facility? The hospital I'm told is very damaged. I know there's rescue teams and ambulances coming in. But I have heard reports directly and looked at aerial footage, and it looked very much damaged. Can you give me any sense how many of them might have basements, how many of them might have shelters? We have a lot of shelt erds here, of course we have a population of about 56,000 folks. Again, how many houses have been damaged and so forth, just way too early for damage assessment. Just hoping and praying that everyone found a way to get to shelter. We thank you. Thank you so much. So much mr. Edi, and everyone here is standing by for anything you need. Thank you. And we are also hearing from the people of moore, oklahoma, tonight. Among them melissa newton who spoke movingly about the devastation she could see when she looked outside her door tonight. I looked to the west and i see it. Hail about the size of golf balls was just pounding my car at the time. I got home, got our dogs as fast as possible and got in the shelter. Right afterwards, probably within five minutes, that storm hit. Now that I'm out and looking around, our neighborhood is covered in debris, shingles and pieces of sheet rock, and wood in our yard and across our neighborhood. Some homes completely gone. It's devastating. There's two by fours there are going through people's roof like projectile objects. As the storm came over my house, this loud roaring or whirling sound, it was just so loud. And our dogs were just down on the ground just shaking, bless their hearts. It was a frightening experience. Thank god we had a shelter. And there we hear the view outside one door in the town of

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"Steven Eddy City Manager of Moore Oklahoma and Melissa Newtown discuss the tornado's devastation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"19220466","title":"Surviving the Destructive Oklahoma Tornado","url":"/WNT/video/surviving-destructive-oklahoma-tornado-19220466"}