Surviving Sudden Flooding in Your Vehicle

Tips to get out alive if your car suddenly gets caught in flood waters.
1:51 | 06/07/13

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Transcript for Surviving Sudden Flooding in Your Vehicle
As we showed you, tens of millions of americans are bracing for a lot of rain this weekend. Which means there is a big danger of sudden flooding. Rising water surrounding your car. And abc's matt gutman is back now to tell us all how to stay safe. Reporter: Wipers working furiously. The rain blinding. Like this veteran storm chaser, we've all driven through it. But even the best can get caught in flash floods. On average, more than 100 americans die in floods every year. The biggest danger is on the roads. Water is just pouring into the street! Reporter: In april, houston police had to rescue 150 people trapped in their cars. Started pouring, couldn't see anything. Reporter: Flash flooding can swamp your car in near seconds. And just 18 inches of water can lift an suv. The water will easily heave your car sideways, even rolling it over, possibly trapping people inside. There can be all sorts of has saturdays lurking in flood waters. You think you're in water that is just two, three inches deep when, in fact, it's a couple of feet deep and your car can stall in just three inches of water. So, if you are on the road, tune into the radio. We've got a flash flood watch in effect. Heavy rain and thunderstorms. Reporter: And take those warnings seriously. Keep an eye out for water pooling on the side of the road and don't drive through water. The car is sinking. It's up to my waist. I can't get out of the car. Reporter: This demonstration shoechls how fast water floods a car. If you find yourself in deep water, rescuers say you have 60 seconds to save your life by unbuckling your seat belt and getting out the window. If you have children, get yourself out first, then pull them out. Split second decisions that can save your life. Matt gutman, abc news, tampa,

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{"id":19351969,"title":"Surviving Sudden Flooding in Your Vehicle","duration":"1:51","description":"Tips to get out alive if your car suddenly gets caught in flood waters.","url":"/WNT/video/surviving-sudden-flooding-vehicle-19351969","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}