SUV Attack: Biker Speaks Out for First Time in Exclusive Interview

28-year-old Christopher Cruz gives details of the alleged assault.
2:04 | 10/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for SUV Attack: Biker Speaks Out for First Time in Exclusive Interview
And now, to that abc news exclusive. For the first time, we're hearing from the motorcyclist who slowed down and that suv bumping into him. The whole country saw what then followed. That attack on the suv. He now says the portrayal of the story -- unfair. Here's abc's linzie janis. Reporter: For the first time, the biker charged with setting off a terrifying eight-minute long chase is speaking out. In an exclusive interview with abc's dan harris, 28-year-old christopher cruz says he wasn't looking for trouble. I try to stay away from trouble as much as possible. Reporter: What kind of impact is this having on your life? It's turned my life upside down. Reporter: Cruz is charged with reckless endangerment. And overnight, fresh details of the assault. A good samaritan who intervened said alexian lien's wife was also attacked. Opened the door and he grabbed the lady by her arms, pulling real hard. It was a big guy. I saw that, he stopped pulling the lady because people started screaming. Reporter: A closer look at this nypd flyer showing ser c with his arms outstretched, protecting lien, shows the passenger side window was also smashed. I said, I have to do something. This is a family, they're going to get killed. Reporter: And tonight, the nypd says it is now investigating whether two offduty cops were at that same scene and didn't intervene. Being at the scene and not taking some form of action, whether it be making a phone call or physically interfering, is something that we're going to have a difficult time digesting. Reporter: Police say as many as three other offduty officers may have been on the ride, but not close enough to see the attack. The nypd's prime suspect, reginald chance, the first to rush the suv, smashing the window with his hall melt has just been arraigned and charged with gang assault, assault in the first degree and criminal possession of a weapon. David? That was the first witness who said the wife was next. Reporter: Shocking detail. Linzie, thank you. Tomorrow morning on "good morning america," dan harris with more of his interview with christopheuz, what he says really happened.

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{"duration":"2:04","description":"28-year-old Christopher Cruz gives details of the alleged assault.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"20489560","title":"SUV Attack: Biker Speaks Out for First Time in Exclusive Interview","url":"/WNT/video/suv-attack-biker-speaks-time-exclusive-interview-20489560"}